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Roof Inspections in Spokane, WA and ID

Advance Roofing LLC is your trusted roofing contractor for fair and clear roof inspections. We conduct a transparent evaluation of your roof’s actual state and provide straightforward guidance on necessary actions.

When You Need To Call Spokane Roofers For A Thorough Roof Inspection

Our inspectors will pinpoint issues early when repairs are smaller.

Many roof warranties require periodic inspection to remain valid.

We will find weaknesses to prevent costly moisture issues.

Our professional will estimate a roof’s remaining useful life.

Checking a roof periodically avoids large sudden failures leading to crisis fixes.

Inspections assist in projecting future rooftop replacement costs for financial planning.

Exams check for hazards like loose tiles/shingles before they become a falling danger.

Some jurisdictions need rooftop inspections to pass safety certificates.

Documenting checkups lower insurance rates and support fair claim settlements by showing proper maintenance was performed.

Buyers may pay more for a home with documentation of a roof in good recent condition.

Our Roof Inspection Services Fit All Types Of Properties in Spokane, WA

Commercial buildings

With large surface areas, businesses see substantial weather exposure leading to premature degradation, pooling water damage, loose sections allowing leaks over high-traffic areas.

Industrial Facilities

Expensive operations demand reliable industrial roofing that resists corrosion, withstands machinery vibration, and remains leak-free under heavy snow/rain strains over enormous footprints.

Residential properties

Homes experience hail damage, leaks, debris accumulation, poor ventilation in attics leading to mold. Age and improper maintenance take a toll over time.

Agricultural sites

Farms/barns stretch limited budgets yet endure dramatic temperature swings, require durable surfaces withstanding animal waste corrosion, high winds which peel shingles allowing interior decay.

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Roof Inspections in Spokane, WA and ID -2

How Roof Inspection Is Conducted: Our 20-item Rooftop Health Exam

Free Roof Inspection:
Who Qualifies and How to Get It

At Advance Roofing LLC, we’re excited to offer free roof inspections as part of our commitment to exceptional customer service. This exclusive opportunity is available to two groups of clients:

  1. New Clients: On your first interaction with us, we welcome the chance to showcase the quality and thoroughness of our work through a complimentary roof inspection. It’s our way of saying thank you for considering Advance Roofing LLC for your roofing needs.

  2. Existing Clients Planning Further Services: Have you previously worked with our company and wish to assess your roof’s condition over time? Should any new defects be discovered and you choose us again for the repairs, the inspection will be for free.

Eligible? Apply Now for Your Free Roof Checkup

What Can Roof Inspections Help Spokane Residents With?


What we do: Thorough evaluation of all elements installed by other roofing contractors, adherence to construction best practices and manufacturer guidelines during installation.

Why we do it: To allow owners understand the quality of work done and, hold installers accountable for flaws, avoid future problems.


What we do: Our inspectors provide immediate emergency response leveraging state-of-art diagnostic tools to uncover hidden triggers behind acute failures or leaks.

Why we do it: Rapid expert insights accelerate permanent solutions, prevent further building envelope damages, strengthen insurance claims.


What we do: Gold standard  exam documenting current health status, estimated life remaining before replacement needed, and budgetary fix recommendations.

Why we do it: To arm owners with critical data to plan capital allocations, maximize ROI on existing roof assets before end-of-life.

Dry-In Inspection

What we do: Flood test unfinished roof assemblies during construction using temporary containment. Inspect water drainage, leakage, weatherproofing before exterior facades erected.

Why we do it:  To catch issues early while interior remains exposed, preventing major repairs later, and to confirms flood resistance safety before occupants enter finished building.


What we do: Third party verification gauging the objective serviceability, vulnerabilities, true cost projections, and overall quality of rooftop assets changing hands.

Why we do it: To reduces surprises, disputes for buyers and sellers by providing impartial insights that clarify realistic valuation.

Roof Inspections in Spokane, WA and ID -3

No Off-Season for Safety: Year-Round Spokane Roof Inspections


Recommended for roofs under 10 years old to monitor aging and gradual wear at regular checkpoints. Ideal prevention for newer assets.

Price: $80


Best for roofs 10-20 years into lifecycle where moderate issues may arise more rapidly requiring closer tracking. Ensures closer oversight of progressive deterioration.

Price: $150


Ideal for roofs over 20 years old more vulnerable to distress. Highest level oversight for advanced aging where problems can manifest quickly between exams. Intense scrutiny protects older roofs.

Price: $200

Individual Plans

Customizable for unique facilities like industrial sites battling corrosion, agricultural buildings prone to animal waste hazards. Tailored precision where conditions demand non-standard inspection frequency.

Price:  from $80

On Demand*

Best after sudden damage events like intense storms bringing hail, wind blows, lightning strikes which can guise bigger issues. Ensure new problems get addressed before next regular exam.

Price: from $80

Emergency *

Critical response for active failures allowing interior water damage, structural component failures, electrical hazards, mold growth getting out of hand between standard checks. Immediate answers to pressing threats.

Price: from $80 

* If any issues are identified and you choose to proceed with our repair services, the roof inspection fee will be waived, ensuring you only pay for the repairs.

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How We Spot Trouble You Cannot See

Visual assessment

Careful examination of all roof components to spot physical flaws, leaks, damage that require repair. Provides total perspective.

Aerial (Drone-Assisted)

Uses aerial photography from a drone to see the whole picture and hard-to-reach areas. Identifies problem spots.

Moisture Detection

Advanced moisture meters identify wet areas around the roof to pinpoint water entry points before harm spreads widely. Confirms or rules out leaks.

A drone equipped with a camera hovers in front of a terracotta-tiled roof, performing a drone-assisted roof inspection. The image captures the modern approach to roofing assessments, with a clear sky in the backdrop emphasizing the inspection activity
A person's hand points to an infrared image on a tablet, showcasing different temperatures across the roof of a house in the background, indicative of an infrared roof inspection. This diagnostic approach highlights areas of heat loss or insulation issues in the residential building

Leak Simulation 

Powerful spray equipment simulates heavy rain so that developing leaks become visible under controlled conditions versus waiting for natural storms. Detects early stage failures.

Infrared Thermography

 Infrared camera scanning detects damp insulation and moisture intrusion issues underlying roof coverings. Prevents hidden decay.

Thermal Imaging

Sophisticated sensors create heat signature maps highlighting leaks, inadequate air flow, insulation gaps needing correction. 

Cost For Roof Inspections In Spokane, Wa


Average cost


$75 – $200


$100 – $450


$400 – $600

Minimum cost


Maximum cost


Average cost range

$100 to $400

The price of a roof inspection depends on the property’s size, height, complexity, pitch, number of penetrations and specialty items, inspection methods used, extent of documentation detail, and other factors.

Benefits of Expert Roof Inspection at Advance Roofing LLC


A roof is a major investment, yet complications obscure conditions from plain view. Our examinations supply transparent revelations on internal workings, empowering owners to strategize future budgets armed with full visibility. No more guessing about what may loom unseen.


While some companies issue generic broad strokes about roof state, we calibrate tailored fix or replacement recommendations aligned to your risk tolerance, facility type, regional climate threats, and capital realities. Our guidance includes specific action steps for your situation.


Once identifying issues large or small, rely on our in-house crews for affordable repair solutions scaled precisely to match needs – from minor patching and metal refurbishments to full replacements using top-grade materials. We offer customized roofing care for residential and commercial properties tailored to budget.

On Your Side: When Weather Isn't, We Are

Washington and Idaho’s weather poses multiple threats that make regular roof checkups essential. Our roofing company, located in Spokane Valley, serves Spokane as well as numerous communities in WA and ID, including Lake Stevens, WA, Post Falls, ID and beyond.

We recommend scheduling inspections after the following weather events common in these two states:

Strong Winds 

Powerful gusts frequently blast areas of Washington coming off the Pacific, straining shingle connections. Wind-related damage can lead to water infiltration.



Summer thunderstorms often pelt both states with hail that fractures roof coverings over time, requiring new seals to prevent leaks.

The image depicts a residential house roof that has sustained significant damage, likely due to storm winds. There are numerous shingles missing, exposing the underlying roofing material.
The snow covering indicates recent snowfall or accumulation over time, which can be typical in regions with cold winters. It's important for roofs to be properly designed to handle such snow loads and regular checkups to monitor roof condition.

Torrential Rain 

Intense downpours channeled through mountain watersheds overwhelm drainage systems, signaling potential leakage points.


Heavy Snow 

The substantial yearly snow accumulation in Idaho places extreme weight loads on buildings, which can crush weaker structures or dislodge materials.

Careful assessment following these events allows early repair of any compromises before catastrophic failure damages the interior. Our qualified roofers understand local climate pressures and can properly evaluate your roof. 

Once the problem is detected, we will help you with repairs and offer a free estimate. And for forward-thinking property owners who embrace preventative care rather than reactionary fixes, we proudly offer customized maintenance plans tailored to your budget. These can encompass gutter and downspout clearing, moss/algae pressure wash-downs and snow removal services in colder periods. For any assistance you may need, feel free to contact us today!

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At Advance Roofing LLC, we go beyond glancing assessments to provide comprehensive roof inspections that give complete clarity on your asset’s condition. Our certified inspectors leverage the latest technologies to expose developing issues before they become dire emergencies.

Whether you need scheduled maintenance exams, storm damage assessments, or pre-sale evaluations, rely on our Spokane Valley team. We identify necessary repairs and upgrades for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings across Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

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