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Advance Roofing LLC

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Can Roofing Issues Wait?

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The average cost Spokane homeowner pays for replacing a roof from neglected drips and leaks

$ 0

Сould cost minor repairs such as patching, resealing, or timely gutter and downspout clearing

Catching damage early saves your budget!

Still Thinking Whether To Contact a Spokane Roofing Contractor?

30% increase in utility bills due to poor attic insulation caused by damage

3X more you will pay for major repairs if postponing a minor leak fix for a year

50% less your roof will serve if putting off repairs just 2-3 years after problems appear

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Typical Issues Our Contractors Deal Across Spokane, WA

On average, rooftop coverings in Eastern Washington last approximately 15-20 years before replacement becomes necessary. 

Spokane, WA, experiences twice as many storms as the national average in the USA, which accelerates roof deterioration. 

If your property needs assistance from expert contractors, call our company today.

Best Spokane roofers are here to help!

Our Company Offers The Widest Range Of Roofing Services In Spokane

Metal Roofing Repair in Cheney, WA


Our roofers fix leaks, patch holes, replace vents and flashings, seal valleys, repair the deck, nail missing shingles, and much more. Contact our contractors if there is visible damage or you are experiencing leaks.
A skilled worker in the process of roof replacement, carefully installing black ceramic tiles on a new wooden structure, with a clear blue sky above in Spokane Valley


Our experienced roofers completely remove the old covering and decking, replace insulation, and install a new roof system. Contact our company if your roof expires or you want to enhance your Spokane property's curb appeal.
Roofing Issues and Concerns: Prioritizing Quality Solutions


Our engineers and technicians design and build new roofs from scratch, analyzing architecture and materials to meet custom needs. Reach out to our company near you for new, durable builds or additions that will pass the test of time.
Ongoing roof inspection


Your local roofer examines the rooftop’s condition and informs you of prominent issues and required repairs. It’s best practice to catch and address damage early. We offer annual, semi-annual, quarterly packages, and on-demand services. Check-ups are highly recommended after windstorms and severe weather events.
Types of Damage: Identifying Common Issues


Our qualified roofers visit your property according to a predetermined schedule to ensure ongoing roof performance. As part of maintenance, minor repairs like resealing flashings or replacing damaged shingles are provided as needed. Recommended for homeowners who want to keep their roof in good condition.
Pressure washer is used to clean metal roof


Our professional crews remove snow from roofs in winter, clean gutters and downspouts of leaves, pine needles, and debris. Our contractors perform safe and efficient moss removal and algae treatment, soft washing, clear stains, rust, and dirt. When you need your rooftop professionally cleaned, feel free to call our company near you!

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Beyond Spokane: Our Roofers Blanketing Countless WA & ID Communities

What Makes Our Roofers The Best In Spokane, WA

Substantial Experience

Most of roofers at our company boast over 15 years of hands-on experience in the roofing industry

Local Climate Insights

Our roofers’ in-depth knowledge of the Spokane, Washington area's climate allows to easily detect hidden flaws.

Cutting-Edge Technology

For fast and efficient work our teams of contractors are equipped with latest tools and machinery.

Swift Solutions

Being a local roofing company near you allows us to respond quickly, performing most repairs within a day.

Premium materials

To ensure durability of rooftops across Spokane, WA, our contractors utilize top quality materials from trusted manufacturers.

Spotless Service

Our roofers meticulously protect trees and treat your property with the utmost care, leaving your space as clean as we found it.

Behind The Scenes: See Our Process Of Roof Repairs In Spokane, WA

Material Mastery Of Our Roofers

Our contractors specialize in a variety of materials. Call us if you have any concerns with:

Sloped metal roofing installation in Spokane, with a focus on the wavy pattern of the grey metal sheets and the visible screws securing them against a cloudy sky

Metal roofing

flat or standing seam, corrugated

More info
Close-up of a terracotta tile roofing installation in Spokane, showing the uniform rows of curved tiles creating a textured pattern

Tile roofing

terracota clay, concrete, slate

Repair issues
Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofing

3 tab, architectural shingles

Our projects
Roof With TPO Membrane


flat membrane roofing

Learn more
Cedar wood shingles for siding, featuring natural color variations and textures, available for installation by Spokane siding contractors.

Wood roofing

cedar or pine shakes and shingles

Our case
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Portfolio Of Our Contractors’ Work

Portfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: an old white metal roof waiting for a renovationPortfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: a beautiful and durable roofing solution
Portfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: a house with wood shakes before roof replacementPortfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: a house after roof replacement
Portfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: a roof blown off and damaged by storm in urgent need of replacementPortfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: a new beautiful metal roof installed instead of damaged one
Portfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: an aged roof before full replacementPortfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: a new roofing material meticulously installed
Portfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: a falt metal roof and sloped asphalt roof before renovationPortfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: new roofing materials installed
Portfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: an old asphalt shingle roof requiring replacementPortfolio of Advance Roofing LLC: a new mwtal roof installed


Advance Roofing installed a hood vent and solved a leak issue along a skylight. George, the estimator/Project Manager was friendly and knowledgeable. The installers were professional, quality oriented and fast on installation/repair. They also did an excellent job of cleaning up their mess after the project was complete. Thank you Advance Roofing.
Facing a tight budget, we approached Advance Roofing for a roof repair. They provided a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Their ability to work within our financial constraints while delivering exceptional results is a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction.
The company Advance Roofing made repair roof in our house. Company did very good job. Every things was very professionally. Work was completed in a few days. AND VERY IMPORTANT - PEOPLE, WHO WORK ON THE ROOF, -THEY SAVED OUR PLANTS AND FLOWERS UNDER THE WINDOWS. I am very happy with this company!

The Facilities Serviced by Spokane WA Roofing Company Near You

Our contractors deliver expert solutions for companies and homeowners across Spokane, WA. Our roofers work with all kinds of projects:


House, Garage, Patio, Porch

Warehouse, Store, Office, Hotel, Church


Barn, Hangar, Shed, Pole building


School, Hospital, Public Center


Gazebo, Playground, Pool House, Sunroom

More Than Just Hammer & Nails: Your Spokane Contractors For Comprehensive Home Improvement

No matter your residential overhaul or construction plans, think of our team of contractors as your dedicated property transformation crew for:

Insulation services by Advance roofing llc


Attic, Walls, Basement
Disadvantages of Installing Vinyl Siding


Repair and Replacement
Installing a new window pane


Installation, Repair and Replacement
Professional concrete contractor at work in Spokane

Concrete work

Patio, Driveways, Sidewalks, Slabs
Close-up of a person hand applying white paint to a detailed column exterior with a brush, against a backdrop of a peach-colored wall and brown gutter in Spokane


Exterior and Interior Works
Residential painter on a ladder painting window trims on a gray house, representing dedicated residential painting services available in Spokane


Exterior Repairs and Refreshment

Benefits Our Company Provides For The Community

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At Advance Roofing LLC, we are Spokane’s reliable roof repair and construction experts near you.

Partner with our professional roofers proudly serving WA neighborhoods with quality craftsmanship at fair prices we stand behind.

Call today and breathe easier knowing your roof and budget are protected once rains arrive.

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