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Same Day Shed roof repair Spokane

At Advance Roofing LLC, we are licensed shed roofers with specialized expertise in repairing aging shed roofs. As a professional shed roof repair company operating for years, our certified contractors adhere to strict protocols to accurately assess and repair shed roofing systems, thereby prolonging their lifespan and providing owners with peace of mind.

Unlike many companies that focus on routine residential houses, our crews are trained in the latest codes and manufacturer specifications for affordable roll roofing, rubber, metal, and shingle materials, specifically for vital shed structures on residential properties throughout Washington and Idaho. We fully understand how elements and local climate can prematurely age these exposed roofing systems and employ time-tested techniques specifically tailored to optimally restore the integrity of your shed’s roof.

How long and how much?

Same day repair

In most cases we can repair your shed in 2-4 h


Average price for minor to moderate repairs

A charming garden shed, freshly repaired with a gray metal roof and sky blue doors, complemented by decorative red accents and planters, situated in a lush green yard.

Our Shed Roof Repair Process

We take a meticulous approach to diagnose issues and make durable fixes:

Closely inspect roofing material, flashing, penetrations, drainage, etc to locate any damage or deterioration allowing water intrusion.

Determine the optimal repair method for the specific issue whether patching membranes, sealing joints, replacing individual damaged panels, securing fasteners, flashing, etc.

Clean repair areas thoroughly and apply appropriate sealants, barriers, rubberized coating, elastomeric patches, or materials to comprehensively fix source areas allowing leakage.

Ensure repairs made result in a completely watertight barrier and no secondary damage exists which could lead to future leaks down the road.

Clean area and remove all generated roofing debris and leftover patching materials, perform magnet sweeps.

Our roofers have specialized expertise determining how to tackle major or minor issues through precise storage shed roof repair techniques tailored to these unique structures. 

A quaint wooden shed with a weathered shingle roof peeking through lush green foliage, suggesting a need for roof repair.

Common Shed Roof Issues

Shed roofs are prone to premature failure without proper materials and maintenance. Some problems we often encounter include:

Delaminating Roll Roofing

Where layered roll roof membranes separate due to poor adhesion, bubbles form allowing water intrusion. Targeted patching or sealing joints often suffices.

Pest Damage

Rodents, birds, and insects can all chew through organic roofing substances. We use deterrents and make puncture repairs.

Young birds in a mud nest built under a damaged shed roof, with open beaks visible, indicating pest-related damage to the structure.
Same Day Shed roof repair Spokane

Rust Accumulation

On steel panel roofs and flashing, corrosion can lead to perforations necessitating section replacements or rust encapsulation.

UV Breakdown

 Intense sunlight degrades roof polymers over years resulting in brittleness and splitting necessitating replacement.

Request a Consultation or Book a Roof Inspection

Our shed roof experts meticulously examine damage type, extent and location of issues, age and condition of current materials, and anticipated life span remaining with repairs made. 

Certain cases like complete UV breakdown call for an entire new roofing system. Where feasible based on assessment findings, we complete repairs accurately returning integrity.

If you would like to consult with our shed roof repair experts on fixing pesky issues or schedule an inspection of your aging shed by one of our certified roofers, please give us a call at (509)201-4190 or fill out the contact form on our website and we will be in touch right away to provide assist.

Shed Roof Materials We Expertly Repair

There are several budget-friendly modern roofing products commonly used on sheds that require occasional repair to maximize longevity. The types we have specialized expertise maintaining include:

TPO Membranes

Heat-welded thermoplastic polyolefin sheets often used as flat or low slope shed roofing. We repair tears, re-weld loose edges, and seal seams that became unglued.

EPDM Rubber Sheets

Durable, heat resistant ethylene propylene diene terpolymer elastomeric membranes. We seal ballasted edge stripping when separation causes uplift issues, use adhesives or tapes to re-affix detached sections, apply sheets over aging panels for water protection.

PVC Membranes

Polyvinyl chloride single-ply membranes. We repair fractures, seal joints separating at edges or corners, patch holes from falling debris, and reattach disconnected PVC panels.

Metal Paneling

We re-secure shifted steel or lightweight aluminum panels with new fasteners, and reapply protective coatings over areas where severe corrosion formed. Rust encapsulation preserves structural viability and prolongs structure’s lifespan.

A modern blue metal shed with a clean, sturdy roof, a parked tractor to the side, and a dog standing guard, set against a dramatic cloudy sky.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes made of cedar or other rot-resistant woods add rustic flair to sheds but require occasional maintenance. Some repair scenarios include:

  • Replacing individual damaged, cracked or blown off wood shakes
  • Sealing joints at eaves and edges where separation is causing leakage
  • Re-securing metal flashing strips disrupted by tree debris
  • Applying clear sealants on surface to protect drying cracks from water intrusion without altering appearance
  • Selectively replacing severely weathered shakes throughout the roof to prevent widespread leakage

Asphalt Shingles

These affordable, versatile shingles made of fiberglass mats coated with asphalt are prone to damage from storms, falling branches and age. We repair them by:

  • Replacing individual damaged, cracked or blown-off shingles
  • Sealing down curled corners using discreet adhesives
  • Applying heat-activated sealant strips over openings between warped shingles
  • Reinforcing joints around flashing, vents and roof edges

We also advise when full shingle replacement is needed after extreme storms or when 25% or more shingles are severely deteriorated.


Call us for your shed roofing repair needs

At Advance Roofing LLC our licensed shed roof repair technicians service residential and commercial properties across Spokane as well as neighboring communities throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

Both individual homeowners with aging storage shed roofs and commercial industrial complexes rely on our roofing expertise to evaluate issues and complete reliable, lasting repairs optimized to handle the regional climate and environmental factors impacting local sheds.

Please reach out today to have one of our shed repair specialists inspect your roof trouble spots!