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Roof Installation Spokane, WA: New Roofing Systems

Trust Us For Top Quality Roof Installation in Spokane, WA

At Advance Roofing LLC, we specialize in complete tear-off and replacement roofing system installs for Spokane-area homes needing new asphalt, metal, tile, or low-slope roofing. Our talented crews handle roof installations of all sizes from start to finish.

Common Reasons Spokane Homeowners Need Roof Installation Services

Close-up of hands installing terracotta tiles on a roof, with a focus on the precise placement of the tiles over a black waterproof underlay and wooden roof battens.

Benefits of Our Integrated Roofing System Approach

We oversee the entire roofing process from tear-off to shingle-specific installation to ensure superior roof integrity and seamless integration of all underlying water protection barriers, drainage components, ventilation, insulation, flashing details, skylights and chimneys. This integrated installation process maximizes roof longevity by not overlooking any vulnerable areas prone to deterioration or storm damage. Our roofs are built to last decades dependably.

Roofing Materials Handled by Our Spokane Installation Team

Our licensed roofing crews have extensive hands-on experience installing all popular Spokane roofing types:

Detailed view of asphalt shingle roofing installation in Spokane, highlighting the overlapping pattern and texture of the dark shingles against a clear sky.

Asphalt / Composite Shingles

We install affordable, durable architectural and 3-tab asphalt shingle brands that pass rigorous wind tests to withstand harsh area weathering including Owens Corning, IKO, Malarkey, GAF Timberline and more. Many simulate premium aesthetics of natural wood or slate roofing.

Sloped metal roofing installation in Spokane, with a focus on the wavy pattern of the grey metal sheets and the visible screws securing them against a cloudy sky

Metal Roofing Panels

We install corrugated, ribbed and flat-seam metal roofing often made from durable galvanized steel or even recycled content aluminum able to handle high snow loads. Factory-applied finishes shed pine needles easily.

Close-up of a terracotta tile roofing installation in Spokane, showing the uniform rows of curved tiles creating a textured pattern

Tile Roofing Systems

For homes needing picturesque style, we install concrete, clay or lightweight polymer tiles featuring integrated water protection layers to create beautiful, durable tile roofs complementing regional Northwest architecture.

Worker meticulously installs a flat rubber roof in Spokane, kneeling on the expansive black surface with tools at hand, set against a backdrop of distant buildings under an overcast sky.

Flat Roofing Solutions

For flat commercial spaces or home additions/porches needing complete waterproofing we install seamless EPDM rubber or torch-down modified bitumen membranes along with slope-stabilizing products like coverboards and polyiso boards.

This covers the full range of roofing materials our crews have specialized know-how installing across residential or commercial projects new construction or replacements. Let us know which roofing type best suits your needs – we’ve got you covered.

Types of Spokane Roof Installation Projects Our Contractors Complete

Residential Roof Replacements

We constantly handle asphalt, composite, tile and metal shingle full tear-off and roof replacements across accounts like family detached homes, duplexes and condos.

Commercial Roofing Projects

Retail stores, shopping plazas, office buildings, warehouses, medical clinics and farm storage facilities receive our commercial flat roof solutions.

Industrial Plant Facilities

We also have expertise outfitting expansive factory, power generation, and manufacturing facilities with specialized commercial grade roofing systems.

New Home Construction Roofing

Local custom builders frequently entrust us to install durable, attractive roofing on new constructions as part of start-to-finish builds. We make these seamless crucial barriers.

Institutional Establishments

Area churches, colleges, condo associations and government buildings are welcome to hire us for difficult, customized roofing projects on unique structures with ornate details.

Equestrian / Livestock Arenas

From riding arenas to equipment barns, animal shelters and processing structures, agricultural accounts appreciate roofing optimized for their environments.

In essence, we reliably install beautiful, watertight roofing systems across all residential and commercial projects – simple or complex. Let our exceptional experience work for your next construction!

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Essential Roofing System Components Installed

At Advance Roofing, we don’t cut corners. Our roof installations involve methodical layering of integrated high-performance components customized to protect against Spokane climate exposure:

Synthetic Underlayments

We start by installing today's most durable breathable synthetic underlayment wraps with sealed seams to fully waterproof vulnerable areas like valleys prone to interior damage from ice dams or wind-driven rain.

Wind & Water Flashing

At transition areas around dormers, sidewalls, plumbing vents and skylights we install the strongest step, W-valley and apron flashings available using metals or self-adhered membranes that interlock shingles for reinforced leak prevention.

Premium Ridge Vents

We strategically install ShingleVent II, Cobra and other professional ridge ventilation along the roof's entire peak allowing rising warm interior air to freely escape reducing harmful moisture condensation accumulation in cold months.

Custom Chimney Caps

We fabricate corrosion-, wind- and pest-resistant stainless steel chimney caps that admirably fit the contours of any existing masonry chimney top to further protect vulnerable junctures from moisture while preventing sparks escaping.

Seamless Gutter/Downspouts

New 6" seamless gutters integrated with 3x4 downspouts match trim profiles redirecting roof runoff well away from the structure through underground outflow pipes. We have a durable, effective and beautiful solution for every project!

Roof Installation Options For Spokane, WA Projects

Full Roof Replacement Process

Workers engaged in a full roof replacement process, shown installing underlayment on wooden sheathing, with various roofing tools in use on a residential home, against a backdrop of a cloudy sky and suburban neighborhood.
  1. Complete Tear-Off – We strip your existing roof down to the sheathing, discarding all debris offsite to uncover any hidden substructure issues needing addressing.
  2. Deck Inspection & Repairs – We closely inspect the roof deck for water damage or deterioration, make repairs, and install new structural panels using construction adhesive and screws to reinforce the integrity.
  3. Integrated Layer Installation – Per best practices, our crews meticulously install roofing components like underlayments, drip edges, ventilation and flashings securing proper layer integration before shingle, tile or panel application.
  4. Protecting Home & Landscape – We take precautions like tarp coverage and magnetic sweeps to ensure your home, lawn and landscaping avoid accidental tear-off debris damage.
  5. Job Site Clean-Up & Disposal – We completely clean the property using magnetic rollers and by hand to eliminate hazards and dispose of all roofing demolition waste.

New Roofing System Installation

Why Choose Us for Your Roof Replacement?
  1. Builder Schedule Coordination – We collaborate with contractors to seamlessly integrate into the build timeline without delaying other dependent trades like exterior finish crews.
  2. Decking Installation – We start by meticulously installing top-grade radiant barrier sheathing or tongue-and-groove wood boards providing durable, level base roof deck layers meeting code requirements.
  3. Component Layering – Adhering to prescribed sequencing, we methodically install ice barriers, leak barriers, drip edges and ventilation as part of the integrated roofing system on new buildings.
  4. Flawless Details Integration – Our crews excel at cleanly incorporating flashing, gutters, custom chimney caps, power roof ventilators and skylights into new roofs.
  5. Preventing Downstream Delays – Thanks to experienced project oversight, we drive schedule efficiency providing other trades the ability to begin exterior finish work without roofing slowdowns.

Unmatched Warranties & Insurance Claim Help

10 year warranty


We provide our exclusive 10 year workmanship warranty on all properly installed roofing providing a decade of peace of mind. We also assist Spokane homeowners in submitting and coordinating accurate insurance claims for storm repairs or replacements.

Beyond Spokane: Our Roofers Blanketing Countless WA & ID Communities

Cost For Roof Installation In Spokane, Washington

Average per 1,000 sq.ft.project
Metal roof installation cost
$6,000 – $20,000
Tin roof installation cost
$10,000 – $25,000
Slate roof installation cost
$1,500 – $25,000
Asphalt shingle roof installation cost$3,000–$6000
Tile roof installation cost
$7,000 – $27,000
Type of jobCost per project
Old roof removal$600 – $2,000
Underlayment$500 – $2,800
Reinforcement$900 – $8,000
New roof installation (labor)

$2 – $8 / sq.ft


$30 – $90 / h

The price of a roof installation in Spokane, WA depends on the property’s size, height, complexity, pitch, number of penetrations, chosen material and many other factors. 


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