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Home Improvement Spokane, WA

Is Your Spokane Home Feeling Tired? Then Home Improvement Becomes a Necessity!

We at Advance Roofing LLC know at least 3 reasons for Spokane Residents to start home improvement:

To save 25% off annual heating/cooling utility bills

Insulating attics properly saves families in Eastern Washington hundreds of dollars on heating/cooling utility bills, as discovered by energy researchers at Washington State University.

To halve the risk of mental health problems

 Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have concluded that the poor, deficient condition of one’s home can negatively impact mental health, exacerbating stress and anxiety by up to 42%.

To sell your property at a 9% higher cost

Curb appeal matters in resale. Houses in Spokane with above-average renovation size add, on average, 9% to the property appraisal value, supporting the return on investment for improvement projects.

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Top 10 Home Improvement Challenges for Spokane Residents

Who To Trust With Your Spokane Home Improvements?

When it comes to enhancing your Spokane home, finding the right team is crucial. 

Our company prides itself on having skilled local home improvement contractors you can trust with any project, big or small. 

Holding a general contractor license, we’re equipped to tackle a wide array of tasks.

Let us bring your vision to life with our expertise and dedication.

If you have any home improvement questions, feel free to ask them in this form and we will contact you shortly.

Full Range of Home Improvement Services in Spokane

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Roof Repair & Replacement

Our home improvement contractors perform complete roof replacements, structural reinforcement, emergency leak patching, wind damage restoration

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Installation tips: pole barn insulation

Attic, Wall, Basement Insulation

Our teams of experienced technicians perform proper insulation barrier creation through blown-in, batt and spray foam methods

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Close-up of a person hand applying white paint to a detailed column exterior with a brush, against a backdrop of a peach-colored wall and brown gutter in Spokane

Facade and Fence Painting

Our home Spokane improvement contractors conduct exterior house painting, decorative finishings, wood & metal fence coloring

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Safety Issues Wnen Installing James Hardie Siding

Siding Repair & Exterior Facelifts

Our crews of professionals make spot repairs of damaged panels, full siding removal and replacement, exterior remodeling

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An image showcasing expert guidance for cold weather concrete placement, depicting a worker skillfully leveling concrete in a low temp setting

Concrete Works, Pouring Services

Call our Spokane home improvement contractors for driveways, garage slabs, parking lots, patios, sidewalks, front porch steps installation

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We offer a range of additional services

Window Installation, Repair & Replacement

Our skilled team specializes in uninstalling of old windows, custom measured cutting, structural retrofits, installation

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The Strengths of Our Spokane Home Improvement Company

Choosing our Spokane home improvement company means getting quality, value, and reliability. Here’s why we stand out:

Experienced Contractors

Our team of home improvement contractors has years of experience making local homes look great. We’re all about quality work.

Affordable Prices

Being a family business keeps our costs down. As local home improvement company we offer best prices for Spokane’s families.

Quick to Respond

Whether it's storm damage or any urgent repair, we’re fast to act. Our team of home improvement contractors is ready for anything.

Quality Materials

At our home improvement company we use strong, eco-friendly materials like sustainable wood, recycled insulation, and tough windows designed for Spokane’s weather.

Trusted Reputation

Our customers love our home improvement company, and their positive feedback speaks volumes. We’re proud of the strong reputation we’ve built.

24/7 Assistance

Day or night, our home improvement company is here for you with round-the-clock assistance. Our contractors are just the call away.

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The Facilities Serviced by Spokane WA Home Improvement Company

Our contractors deliver expert solutions for companies and homeowners across Spokane, WA. Our team works with all kinds of projects:


House, Garage, Patio, Porch

Warehouse, Store, Office, Hotel, Church


Barn, Hangar, Shed, Pole building


School, Hospital, Public Center


Gazebo, Playground, Pool House, Sunroom

Our Home Improvement Projects In Spokane, WA and Beyond

Before replacement: An older skylight with signs of wear and a slightly murky appearance set in a brown shingle roof.After replacement: A newly installed, pristine skylight on an asphalt shingle roof, showcasing the clear view through the clean glass.
Aged shingles and damaged flashing in need of repairChimney flashing is repaired by Advance Roofing professionals
A house with an old roof in need of replacementAfter photo of a fully replaced cedar shake roof on a brick house, exemplifying the finished work of a roofing company in Spokane

Quality Home Improvement Services in Spokane at Unbeatable Prices

Average Costs for Home Improvement Roofing Services 




$190 – $950


$190 – $2,375


$475 – $1,900

Average Costs for Home Improvement Siding Services 


Cost per sq.ft.


$7 – $15


$5 – $40 

Pricing for Home Improvement Concrete Services

Type of concrete

Cost per sq.ft.









Average Prices to Replace Windows 

By Material

Average cost, Material and labor included

Vinyl, Aluminum

$ 400-700

Wood, Fiberglass

$ 800-1200


$ 700-1100

Pricing for Home Improvement Painting Services

Type of task

Price range

Labor for Exterior Painting

$0.90 to $2 per square foot

Prep Work: Scraping, Sanding, Priming, Powerwashing, Replacing Damaged Pieces

$0.40 to $2.60 per square foot

Trim Painting 

$0.90 to $6.10 per linear foot

Please note that the prices listed in our tables are estimates. Final costs can vary based on numerous factors. We offer free, no-obligation quotes following a site inspection. Contact our home improvement specialist now to schedule your visit.

Beyond Spokane: Home Improvement Services For WA & ID Communities

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expert Home improvement services for WAshington and IDaho Communities

Advance Roofing LLC serves clients across the Northwest U.S., covering areas such as Spokane, Washington, northern Idaho regions like Coeur d’Alene, and nearby locales.

Reach out for all your home improvement  requirements.

Opt for Spokane home improvement professionals who are dedicated to and deeply involved in your local community.