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Cleaning roof gutters is a must-have home care routine. Cleaning roof gutters is a must, you can’t do without it. Why is it important to clean gutters, how much it costs to clean gutters in Spokane, and how drain cleaning works.

Why do you need roof gutters cleaning

Roof gutters can become clogged due to the accumulation of branches, leaves, and icing in cold weather. Roof gutters are an important functional element of the roof. Clogged roof gutters can cause many problems:

  • Water accumulation and puddle formation near the house.
  • Mold and mildew growth on walls.
  • Wet walls.
  • Injury and property damage if the drain breaks.

It is important to regularly clean gutters in order for them to successfully fulfill their function – draining water from the roof and walls.

Roof gutters cleaning

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Roof gutter cleaning schedule

Many homeowners don’t know how to organize their cleaning routine. We tell you how often you need to clean roof gutters.

The first and most important thing to remember is consistency. No good habit will be useful if it is not done regularly.

The second important thing is to clean roof gutters at least 2 times a year. The first time you need to clean the gutters in late autumn and the second time in the spring. In autumn, you must make sure that there are no branches, leaves in the plums. In the spring, you should make sure that there are no icy patches, insects and birds in the gutters.

How much does roof gutters cleaning cost in Spokane

The cost of cleaning roof gutters is calculated individually. The roof contractor should first inspect the condition of the gutters and assess the complexity of the job.

Specialists from the company Advance Roofing will inform you the exact price immediately after the inspection. You can be sure that after the provision of the service, its cost will not change.

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The best roof contractors in Spokane are Advance Roofing contractors. We are experienced professionals who are confident in their abilities. Trusted by hundreds of Spokane clients. We are ready to undertake the repair and replacement of the roof of any complexity. To receive our free roof inspection and consultation call: +1 (509)201-4190.

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