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Spokane Insulation Company: Roofs, Walls, Attics

How Insulation In Spokane Affects Your Comfort & Expenses

Tired of Shivering Indoors Each Winter and Sweltering Through Summers?

Spokane’s cold, snowy winters and hot summers mean most homes experience significant heat transfer year-round.

Over 86% of Spokane households lack adequate insulation

This causes rooms to rapidly lose heat in winter and absorb heat in summer without a protective thermal barrier.

Uninsulated Spokane attics drive heating bills up 20-30% higher over insulating to modern R-49 code minimums. That’s hundreds more out the window annually.

A woman wrapped in a cozy beige blanket stands by a window, holding a mug, suggesting a chilly atmosphere possibly due to poor insulation, a common issue in Spokane households seeking energy efficiency.

Main Locations Heat Escapes

Gaps around windows and doors

Unprotected attic access holes

Wall outlets and fixture cracks

Upper wall spaces

Roof and ceilings into attic

Basement surfaces against frozen ground

Let's Modernize Your Spokane Home Insulation Like 14% Of Area Houses

A warm family scene shows a mother and toddler engaging with colorful crayons on a yellow carpet, while in the background, another child and father relax on a sofa, depicting a comfortable, well-insulated home atmosphere

Our Spokane insulation company can help you finally insulate for welcoming warmth in the coldest months and cooler sanctuary when temperatures peak. No more struggling through the extreme seasonal swings in the Northwest with poorly insulated spaces that constantly lose warmth to the outside elements. 

Our teams of insulation contractors near you transform under-protected Spokane homes into enviable oases maintaining your preferred balance of light and cozy to better enjoy living and lower energy costs. Contact our company today to evaluate insulation upgrade options!

Typical Insulation Issues Spokane Homes Have

Benefits of Proper Insulation For Your Spokane Property

Reduced Heating & Cooling Costs

Strategically placed insulation materials cut back wasted energy transfer significantly. This translates into much lower monthly expenditure on HVAC utility bills all year round.

Greater Temperature Stability

Foam boards in walls and dense blow-in attic insulation prevent indoor heat or coolness from escaping quickly after sunset or when seasons shift. Living spaces maintain desired temp longer.

Moisture & Humidity Control

Managed moisture buildup inside insulated building envelopes provides healthier indoor air quality and inhibits mold and mildew growth issues through batting or foam trapping.

Added Home Value

Upgraded insulated homes cost less to operate, driving increased real estate valuation at resale for most owners. This value-add comes from direct energy efficiency investments.

Our Spokane Company Offers Full Range Of Insulation Services

A person in protective gear and a beanie installs yellow fiberglass insulation in the attic, demonstrating the meticulous process of insulation installation to enhance home energy efficiency.

Our skilled technicians зrovide:

  • Full Home Insulation – insulating all exterior walls, attics, crawlspaces and basements completely to create a protective envelope around living spaces
  • Custom Attic Insulation – installing tailored layers and coverage within attics to achieve ideal insulation ratings based on climate
  • Partial Insulation Services – targeting specific problematic areas like walls vulnerable to cold penetration or updating attic insulation only
  • Thermal Imaging Evaluations – contractors at our company use infrared cameras to customize an insulation upgrade approach addressing unique deficienc

How Our Company Manages Insulation Installation Or Replacement

Your project with our professional technicians progresses smoothly through defined phases:

Home Evaluation

An insulation specialist will thoroughly evaluate your home, identify any existing issues, take measurements, and determine optimal coverage upgrades.

Plan Development

Next, our team creates a custom plan targeting priority areas like attics and exterior facing walls most in need of new insulation based on findings.

Material Staging

We coordinate delivery of assigned materials whether rolls of batts, loose fill cellulose or adhesive foam boards prepared offsite to match project specifications.

Meticulous Installation

Our crews diligently install new insulation to prescribed coverage levels, employing best practices related to air sealing gaps, evenly filling cavities, and correctly setting barriers.

Quality Control Checks

Once application finishes, we rigorously inspect the new insulation for proper expansion conformity, moisture content, vent placement and confirm optimal weatherization.

Docs & Cleanup

Finally, our company provides homeowners documentation like invoices for records, thermal imaging scans, plus complete work zone cleanup.

Ready To Book Insulation Upgrade Or Need To Consult?

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Benefits Of Our Insulation Company

When you choose Advance Roofing LLC for insulation installation services, you gain:

Years of Insulation Experience — rely on our specialists to determine perfect solutions.

Fair and Competitive Pricing — as a family-owned company using bulk materials purchased locally, our customer-friendly rates beat out competitors.

Superior Craftsmanship our licensed installers deliver meticulous seam sealing for exceptional efficiency, cleanliness and attention-to-detail.

Cutting-Edge Materials — at our company we utilize the latest sustainable batt and spray options proven to minimize winter heat loss and summer solar gain.

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See Our Before-After Projects

Old roof insulationReplacing roof insulation
Chattaroy Roofing Services -7View of almost finished metal roof from a skewed angle with the countryside visible in the background, installed by insulation company in Spokane

Building Types Our Company Insulates



Our Spokane crews cater to both residential spaces like attics and exterior walls as well as commercial buildings requiring specialized spray foam insulation applications:

  • Apartment Attics & Crawl Spaces
  • Shopping Center Tenant Wall Fitting
  • Warehouse Facility Ceilings
  • Office Rooftop HVAC Optimization

Our tailored solutions apply to any indoor environment.

Reach out to our company so we can evaluate your property!

Types Of Insulation Our Contractors Install

Fiberglass Insulation Installation Spokane

Made from extremely fine fibers of glass and often used to insulate attics and walls. Can be in form of batts, rolls or a blown-in type.

Spray Foam Insulation Spokane

A liquid that hardens into a foam and expands to fill cracks and spaces, often used to insulate difficult areas like eaves.

Mineral Wool Insulation Spokane

Also called Rock Wool insulation, made of natural materials like basalt or slag and used to insulate attics, walls, and basements.

Cellulose Insulation Installation Spokane

This type is made from recycled paper products and used to insulate attics and walls by blowing it in (blown-in insulation).

Our Case: Insulation And Roof Replacement


  1. By material used


Cost per Sq/ Ft

Fiberglass batt

$0.5 – $1.2

Polystyrene board

$0.2 – $0.4

Cellulose (loose-fill or blown in)

$0.7 – $2

Wood fiber board

$4.5 – $6

Rockwool (mineral wool)

$1.5 – $3

2. By area square to be insulated

Sq/ Ft

Price, including labor and materials


$150 – $900


$300 – $1800


$600 – $3500

3. By type of structure 

Sq/ Ft

Average Price, labor and materials included

Roof (excluding attic floor)

$1000 – $4000 per project

Roof (including attic floor)

$2000 – $6000 per project


$1200 – $4800 per project


$0.8-3.8 per square foot


$1300 – $5500 per project


$1400 – $6500

The given insulation service pricing for the Spokane, Washington and Idaho areas is for general reference only. Please note your actual project cost depends on several factors:

  • Type of materials selected
  • Surface area requiring coverage
  • Optimal insulation thickness needed
  • Any hidden defects requiring remediation first
  • Complexity and specifics of your property

For exact project pricing tailored to your unique job specifications, please contact qualified estimators at our company. We will promptly prepare a custom quote at no cost, factoring in all variables related to insulating your specific building.

Insulation Services Spokane & Beyound: Caring For Communities' Comfort

Spokane Insulation Company: Roofs, Walls, Attics -2

At Advance Roofing LLC, our qualified technicians install high-performing insulation systems across different types of buildings in the Spokane area that save homeowners and businesses meaningful amounts on energy bills annually. 

At our company we have tailored our solutions for hundreds of local residential and commercial projects. We are committed to ensuring every family and organization we work with gets to enjoy the maximum comfort and warmth that comes with effective insulation. 

We also proudly  serve nearby areas in WA and ID.

Call #1 Spokane Insulation company today

From properly insulating attics with long-lasting fiberglass materials to expert spray foam application within confined spaces, our team at Advance Roofing LLC understands the variety of regional climate conditions and how to optimize insulation levels for both new-build construction and well-established structures needing efficiency upgrades.

Over time contractors at our insulation company have truly mastered best practices for excellent results that stand the test of time.

Reach out so our insulation contractors can determine ideal improvements suited to your unique property!