Spokane Roof Snow Removal Services: Why and When you Need Them

Snowfall, while creating picturesque winter landscapes, can pose significant risks to your home, particularly to your roof. Understanding these risks and the importance of timely snow removal is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of your home. Keep reading our guide to get prepared.

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The Risks and Damages from Snow Accumulation

1. Weight Stress: A lot of snow can put undue stress on your roof, especially if it’s not designed to handle significant weight. This can lead to structural damage or, in extreme cases, a collapse.

2. Ice Dams: As snow melts and refreezes at the roof’s edge, it can form ice dams, preventing proper drainage. This can lead to water seeping under the shingles, causing leaks, insulation damage, and mold growth.

3. Gutter Damage: The weight of snow and ice can also strain and damage gutters, affecting their functionality and potentially leading to costly repairs.

4. Reduced Lifespan of Shingles and Other Materials: Consistent snow accumulation can shorten the lifespan of shingles, tiles and other materials, leading to earlier-than-expected replacements.

Snow overloading a roof - snow removal required

Professional Snow Removal Methods

Specialized companies employ various methods:

1. Roof Rakes: For lower buildings, professionals might use rakes with long handles to safely work while standing on the ground.

2. Steam Removal: This method involves using steam to gently melt the snow and ice without damaging the surface of shingles.

3. Shoveling: In some cases, manual shoveling is necessary. This is typically done with great care to avoid damaging the shingles.

4. Deicing Materials: Professionals may use calcium chloride or other de-icing materials to melt ice dams and prevent their formation.

When Should You Remove Snow From Your Roof Or seek Professional assistance

1. After Heavy Snowfall: If your area experiences frequent snowfalls, it’s wise to clear your roof after each of such weather events.

2. Winter Storm Warning: When local authorities issue a winter storm warning, it’s a good indicator that you should get prepared in advance by buying shovels or searching for professional assistance.

3. Visible Signs of Stress: If you notice any sagging, leaks, or ice dams forming, it’s time to call in the experts.

4 Access Issues: For high or steep constructions, or if you’re unable to safely do the job yourself, professional services are the safest option.


Professional snow removal services in Spokane WA

How Much Does it Cost

The price for roof cleaning services can vary widely based on several factors, making it important to know what influences the cost.

1. Pricing Models: Contractors often have different pricing models. Some charge per hour, while others may charge based on the number of inches of snow to be removed, the square footage of the roof, or per visit.

2. Weather Conditions: The severity of the weather conditions can impact the cost. Heavy, wet snow or ice accumulation often requires more effort and time to remove it, potentially increasing the service price.

3. Size and Complexity: The cost can vary depending on the size of the roof (measured in square feet or linear feet) and its complexity. A flat construction might be easier and quicker to clear than the one with a steep, intricate design.

4. Methods: The method used also affects the cost. Manual shoveling or using a pusher might be less expensive than employing specialized equipment.

5. Property Size: The overall size of the property, including the need to clear residential driveways and walkways, can influence the total cost.

6. Average Cost: The average cost for services can range significantly. For a single visit, homeowners might expect to pay as little as $50, but for larger projects the cost may reach $700, depending on the job size and other factors mentioned.

Homeowners should consider these factors and seek personalized quotes to understand the potential costs to remove snow for their unique situation. Try to find and contact companies offering free estimates to potential customers.

How to prepare your roof for winder snowstorms

Preparation and Prevention in Spokane’s Winter Weather

Spokane, located in Eastern Washington, is known for its snowy winters and regular snowfall. The recent Winter Storm Warning issued by the National Weather Service for Eastern WA and Northern ID is a reminder of the importance of being prepared.

1. Regular Inspections: Regular inspections are crucial in Spokane’s winter to check for wear or damage, which can be worsened by the weight of snow and ice.

2. Gutter Maintenance: Keeping gutters clean and in good repair is essential in Spokane, ensuring proper drainage during snow melts and preventing ice dams.

3. Install Snow Guards and Roof Heating Cable Systems: Guards can help manage the load, while electrical heating cable systems can prevent ice dams in Spokane’s freezing temperatures.

4. Insulate Your Attic: Proper attic insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature inside, reducing the likelihood of ice dam formation.

5. Heed Weather Warnings: Responding to weather warnings, like the Winter Storm Warning, is crucial for Spokane residents to prepare their homes for heavy snowfall.

6. Seasonal Snow Removal Contract: In regions like Spokane, with regular snowfall, it’s wise to consider seasonal contracts or an annual contract.

7. YearRound Contract for Comprehensive Care: Some homeowners opt for an annual snow removal contract, which may also include other maintenance services throughout the year.

8. Additional Services: Many companies offer additional services as part of their сontracts. This can include clearing residential driveways, walkways around the house, and even applying ice melt products to ensure safe access to and from your home.

Snow in Spokane can be a joy, not a headache, if you prepare for it properly. Considering removal services like annual or year-round contracts can provide peace of mind and ensure your home is well-protected against the challenges of regular snowfall and icy conditions and is in its top condition.

Snow removal services added to annual roof maintenance package


How do professionals remove snow from roof?

Professionals use various methods to resolve this task, including rakes for lower and accessible constructions, blowers, and specialized equipment for larger or more complex jobs. For commercial property or after heavy snowfalls plows or heavy-duty machinery may be used.

How much does 12 inches of snow weigh?

The weight can vary depending on its water content. Light, fluffy snow may only weigh about 5 pounds per square foot, while wet, heavy snow can weigh up to 21 pounds per square foot.

Do roof rakes damage shingles?

When used correctly, rakes should not damage shingles. It's important to use them gently and follow proper techniques to avoid any harm to the asphalt of metal shingles, tiles or other materials.

Is it safe to shovel snow off roof?

It can be safe if done correctly and with the right equipment. However, it's generally recommended to hire professionals instead of opting for DIY approach, especially for steep, high, or complex structures. It can be dangerous and poses the risk of falls and getting injuries. Using the wrong tool, you run the risk to cause damage to shingles or metal surface.

Can too much snow collapse a roof?

Yes, potentially it can, especially if the weight exceeds the roof's load-bearing capacity. This is more likely to occur with heavy, wet snow or the formation of ice dams that add additional weight and strain to the structure.

When should I remove snow from my roof?

Think of removal when the accumulation reaches a level that could pose a risk to the structure, typically around 6 inches of heavy snow (12 inches of the light). Or in case you notice signs of stress on your roof, such as sagging or leaks.

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