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Why you need to replace your old windows in Spokane, WA

To save up to 30% on heating costs

Replacing old wooden, drafty or plastic worn out windows in Spokane homes and commercial properties with modern double-paned glass can put hundreds of dollars back in owners' pockets annually.

To reduce outer noise by 45-50%

The noise dampening capacity of contemporary dual-pane windows significantly outperforms old window constructs. This drastically decreases external sounds from busy Spokane streets and highways.

To sell your property for 7-9% higher

Spokane homes equipped with energy efficient windows have sold for up to 10% higher on average compared to equivalent houses still sporting old drafty window frames, all else being equal.

Top 7 Signs Your Property Needs Window Replacement

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Trustworthy Window Specialists Serving Spokane, Wa

Our family-run Spokane window replacement company has years of hands-on experience removing old windows and installing modern, energy efficient replacements.

As skilled and insured window experts near you, we understand Spokane’s extreme climate makes proper sealing and insulation vital. Our crew has facilitated over 500 flawless window replacement projects across the Spokane, WA.

If your aging windows feel drafty or degrade your property’s charm, rely on our professionals as your window specialists of choice to enhance comfort and showcase renovation potential. We attentively handle the entire replacement process – from disposing old frames to applying high performance weather stripping to maximize your energy savings.

A team of Advance Roofing LLC workers in blue uniforms and safety helmets installing a new window on a roof with solar panels in Spokane, indicating professional window replacement services with a focus on energy efficiency.

Comprehensive Window Replacement Procedure

When we undertake window replacements for Spokane homes and businesses, technicians methodically progress through phases to ensure smooth installations:

Thorough Site Evaluation

Experts examine all existing window frames, taking precise on-site measurements while assessing overall structural health, rot or decay, previous modification imperfections, and custom design needs reflecting the building aesthetics.

Careful Window Frame Removal

Crews utilize specialized tools and techniques to fully extract old window assemblies intact to best preserve the surrounding integrity of walls and sills. We protect interiors from exposure damage throughout.

New Window Mounting Preparation

Our carpenters carefully remediate window openings, repairing any framing damage, applying moisture barriers, confirming levelness and property insulating critical junctions essential for operational efficiency.

Bespoke Window Insertion

New window units are crafted based on evaluation specifications then gently mounted within the refurbished openings using durable adhesives and structurally reinforced for maximum stability meeting codes.

Waterproof Sealing & Finishing Touches

With windows expertly set into place, we thoroughly seal exterior gaps against precipitation and complete fine tuning of latches, balances and visibility amenity aspects so upgrades appear seamless.

Our step-by-step replacement process culminates with fully refreshed windows ready to serve for decades as protective fixtures able to withstand extreme Spokane weather patterns. Contact us to begin your window revitalization pathway today!

A mother and her young child enjoy a playful moment by a large window in Spokane, WA, with the reflection showing a serene backyard, highlighting the quality installation by a local window contractor

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Roof Window replacement Spokane, WA - Our cases

Spokane Window Replacement Company -10After replacement: A newly installed, pristine skylight on an asphalt shingle roof, showcasing the clear view through the clean glass.
Before replacement: A worn and dirty skylight on an asphalt shingle roof, showing signs of aging and potential leakage.After replacement: A new, clean skylight installed on the same asphalt shingle roof, reflecting a successful window replacement.

Window Offerings For All Needs & Budgets

Window Style Options

Frame Materials

Whether your objective is letting daylight in, framing views creatively, actively ventilating rooms, or using special shapes for archways, we’ll bring bespoke window platforms supporting your goals to life professionally – all outfitted in reliable frame materials built to endure Spokane’s seasonal shifts. Reach out for a free window estimate.

Plastic windows installation

WE are dependable Spokane, WA Window replacement Experts

Energy Efficiency Focus

We leverage window placements and high-efficiency products to shrink utility bills. Reach out today to connect with our personable team dedicated to elevating your spaces through weatherproof modern windows designed for endurance!

High Trust Rating

As a reputable family-owned firm with team of 40+ professionals serving the greater Spokane area with accolades for years, we boast top-tier ethical ratings.

Licensed & Insured

Our roofing and window company meets stringent eligibility criteria. We carry robust liability and damage coverage for client peace of mind during on-site work.

Big Bulk Project Discounts

Upon request, we can offer sizable volume discounts for HOAs, multi-family homes and commercial spaces undertaking building-wide window upgrades.

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Beyond Spokane: We Serve Countless WA & ID Communities

Costs For Window Replacement Spokane, WA

For your reference, price ranges for average window replacemnet are outlined in the accompanying table. However, each home and window replacement scope differs, so we provide customized quotes tailored to your unique Spokane, WA project needs after an on-site measurement consultation completely free of charge.

By Material

Average cost, Material and labor included

Vinyl, Aluminum

$ 400-700

Wood, Fiberglass

$ 800-1200


$ 700-1100

By Type

Average cost, Material and labor included

Picture, Casement, Awning 

$ 800-1000

Double hung, Arched

$ 700-900

Bow, Bay

$ 2300-2600

Skylight, Sliding

$ 900-1300

Single hung, Storm windows

$ 250-400

French, Floor-to-ceiling

$ 3500-4500

When Is It Time For Window Replacement?

Person measuring a window frame for replacement glass.

There are telltale clues indicating aging windows require replacing. If windows in your house exhibit these symptoms, replacement would help:

  • Frequent fogging or condensation between panes signaling failed seals
  • Visible rot, splits, cracks or dents even if painted over
  • Peeling exterior paint near edges and weather seals
  • High energy bills from heat loss/gain through poor insulation
  • Stuck sashes that won’t smoothly open or close
  • Locks and latches no longer catch when shut
  • Breezes, water or noise penetration from ill-fitted frames
  • Cosmetic damage like bubbled glass or wood warping

Don’t resign yourself to drafty, dysfunctional windows another season. Our Pros tackle necessary upgrades to restore full utility.

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Replacements in Spokane, WA 

Apart from roofing, Advance Roofing LLC specializes in overall home improvement and total window refreshes as well as installing durable and quality window doors. Our professional contractors will remove every outdated inefficient window set from your bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms and hallway spaces to dispose of them responsibly.  

Apart from serving homeowners in Spokane, Spokane Valley and other communities across Washington, we offer our services to commercial clients. 

Reach out now for a free consultation to jumpstart your window replacement initiative!