Spokane Window Replacement & Installation

Windows play an important role not only in terms of construction but also in terms of functionality. The correct model of windows, which is correctly installed, allows you to adjust the temperature inside the house. That is why it is very important to choose a professional window contractor who can install high quality windows.

In this section, the best window contractors in Spokane from Advance Roofing LLC will tell you all about replacement and installation of new windows.

Can you install just one window for me?

We can install as many windows as you need. If you only need to replace one window in your home, we are happy to assist you.

How quickly can you install or replace windows in Spokane?

Before installing or changing a window, you need to select a window that suits you in terms of functionality and price. Our specialist will help you with this decision.

Windows installation

When the window you need is ready by our manufacturing partner, we will come to your site and install the one.

The duration of replacement or installation of windows depends on the size of the window, on the number of windows and on the complexity of the project.

For example, if you need to install several small windows on the ground floor of a house, we can complete the installation in just a few hours. If you need to install large windows on the second floor, it can take a couple of days.

During the application for the installation or replacement of windows, your personal manager will tell you the exact terms based on the specifications of the order.

Do you offer a warranty on window installation or replacement?

After installation of windows you will receive a warranty from our company for installation. Also, each window manufacturer provides a warranty for the product. The warranty period from the manufacturer may be different, it must be clarified when buying windows.

If you have any problems with the window that we have installed, you can apply for an inspection. Our experts will inspect and tell you what caused the window breakage. If mistakes were made during installation – we will eliminate them, if problems with the window are caused by a factory defect – we will help you contact the manufacturer. Our professional window contractors are highly experienced and know the INs and OUTs of window installation. You can be sure that new windows will serve you for many years.

What windows does Advance Roofing LLC install?

Our company is engaged in the installation of high-quality plastic windows. It is this type of window that Spokane residents most often choose. Plastic windows are reliable and durable. In addition, Advance Roofing LLC cooperates with leading manufacturers of plastic windows, so we order them directly from the factory.

Plastic windows installation

What type of plastic window is the best choice ?

Estimator will advise you on various types of windows and help you to choose the best ones that meet your requirements. In order to choose the type of plastic windows, you need to consider its size, heat transfer capacity, UV protection factor, etc. After you make your window choice, a professional contractor will take critical measurements of your windows in order to accurately determine the size of your plastic windows.

Window installation and replacement

Advance Roofing LLC is Spokane's premier window contractor.

Is it possible to install a customized size or shaped windows?

Yes, you can order windows of any shape or size, we will be happy to install them.

What determines the cost of installation and replacement of windows ?

We calculate the price for each installation or replacement of windows individually for the project. The price depends on the complexity of the project, on the brand of windows, on the size and shape of the windows. We will help you choose the best option for the best price.

Why is it worth cooperating with our company?

Advance Roofing LLC is one of the best contractors in the city of Spokane. We take a responsible approach to work and provide the best customer service. Our window contractors are the best in the business.

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