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Is your roof showing signs of wear and tear? Have you been considering replacing your roof with a long-lasting, attractive alternative? If so, metal roofing may be the answer for you.

From galvanized steel sheet roofing to gorgeous copper shingles, there are so many metal roofing options to suit your needs. It also comes in a wide range of colors and styles.

Whether you’re looking for new roofing for your residential property or your business, our Spokane WA roofing company is here for you. Let’s take a look at how a metal roof might benefit your home or commercial building. We’ll also discuss the kinds of metal roofing projects our professional Spokane roofing contractors can offer you.

Why Choose a Metal Roof in Spokane, WA?

Metal roofs are the most durable, so choosing this material protects your property from the harsh Washington weather.

Asphalt shingles can easily suffer damage that causes the underlay to become exposed. You’ll need to pay more to fill in gaps over time. In a state like Washington, this is a big problem due to the high volume of rainfall.

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Invest Today, Save in the Long Term

Due to their longevity and low cost of upkeep, you’re likely to save money down the years by investing in a high-quality metal roof. While installation may seem pricey compared to asphalt shingles, a metal roof won’t need replacing for up to 50 years – double the lifespan of asphalt. The amount of maintenance metal roofing requires over this period is also minimal.

It’s a great idea to select a metal roof if you’re looking for a project that will offer long-lasting protection for your home.

It’s also perfect for businesses for the same reason. Building repairs are the last thing you want to have to budget for if you own a shop. Enjoy longer-lasting roofing materials over your business’s head when you choose metal.


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What Metal Roofing is Best for My Spokane Property?

Curious about the types of metal roofing available in Spokane? Here we’ll discuss the kinds of metal roofing we offer at Advance Roofing LLC. We’ll discuss the weather-resistant properties of each material, the range of colors and styles the materials are available in, and other benefits!

Copper Roofing

Copper is an extremely durable and attractive metal that has long been used for premium roofing projects. It's a favorite in many suburban neighborhoods, as the shade is close to terracotta and blends in seamlessly with other shingles in this color. But with a copper roof, you'll know that yours is of a higher quality! Its finish is sleek and bold, while its long lifespan helps keep the building free of leaks and damage for a long time compared with asphalt. It's also resistant to fire damage. Most copper roofs we install keep the copper color, as the distinctive shade of these shingles is one of the main appeals for many homeowners.

Zinc Roofing

Zinc is an attractive material that is often combined with other metals for extra strength and durability. It's highly weather-resistant and is available in a wide range of colors, meaning that it's easy to gauge what color might best complement your siding. Zinc roofs also tend to have a less pronounced sheen than other materials used for commercial metal roofing, giving them an understated grandeur. This material is available in attractive roof panels connected by a standing seam. These are priced less than some other project materials and do a great job protecting your home from the elements. If you're looking for an elegant, affordable, and resilient material for your new metal roof project, Zinc is a great choice.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum has a long lifespan and is extremely resistant to rust or corrosion. It's also a very eco-friendly metal and is an increasingly popular installation choice for this reason. This type of roof can come ready in almost any color you want, making it a great form of roof for businesses that want to stand out on the street! Commercial aluminum roofing is also extremely easy to maintain and sturdy against harsh elements such as snow and hail. Aluminum is usually presented with a panel design, typically with a metal trim running over the top and edges. It's very easy to install these panels using a fastener to connect the roof up.

Galvalume Steel Roofing

Galvalume steel is a composite material that is very popular as a choice for metal roofing. It is mixed with aluminum and silicone for corrosion resistance and finished with a zinc coating to protect it from the elements. This steel can be shaped more effectively than regular carbon steel thanks to the silicone in each panel. This means that you may select a panel- or shingle-form design when you choose Galvalume steel roofing. With attractive, durable trim and a superb lifespan, many homeowners and businesses gauge Galvalume to be the best choice for roofing in Spokane.

Tin Roofing

Tin is typically used for smaller projects such as a shed roof. While tin is durable and sturdy, it is perhaps less so than other commercial roof construction materials and so is sometimes used to fill out a roof as extra reinforcement or to protect siding. Tin panels with secure trim and fastener protection still make great roofs for smaller garden buildings.

Galvanized Steel Roofing

Galvanized steel is a type of steel that many businesses in climates with extreme weather conditions select due to its affordability and strength against the elements. Today, we recommend Galvalume to our customers, as galvanized steel doesn't stand the test of time quite as well. Its zinc coating is thinner, meaning that these products can show signs of exposure more quickly. This metal is still an excellent choice for commercial roofing compared to many other materials. It is sturdy and has an attractive panel design rounded off with metal trim.

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How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost in Washington State?

The price of metal roofing in Washington tends to be different than in other states. That’s because this material is preferred over conventional asphalt in Fire-prone areas. It has a reputation throughout the state as more durable and fire-proof.

Standing-seam panel metal roofs tend to be slightly more costly in Washington state than the shingle type of roof. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Metal Roof on a 2000 sq ft House?

This project would depend on the choice of metal. The price can range from $5,000-$20,000 for 1500 sq ft depending on which material is best for your property and budget.

For a 2000 sq ft house, the price can rang from $8,500-$29,000.

We’d recommend copper for a luxurious and sturdy roof, whereas a metal like galvanized steel would offer great protection at a much lower price.

Have more questions about how much your metal roofing would be in Spokane? Call us for a free estimate on your home or business property.

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost Compared to Shingles?

While asphalt tends to be less expensive to install than a metal roof, you have to be ready to spend more on maintenance (such as if you need to fill in a breach) and replacements than with a metal roof.

For this reason, metal is often the cost-effective choice for your home or company site if you see it as a long-term project.

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last Compared to Asphalt?

An asphalt roof tends to last between 15-25yrs. By contrast, a new metal roof will typically last you between 30-50 yrs, depending on the choice of material you use for your Spokane WA commercial roofing project.