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Affordable Concrete Solutions for Your Spokane Home or Business

Whether you need a new concrete driveway poured or an existing one repaired, Advance Roofing LLC has the expertise to provide exceptional concrete contractor services in Spokane, Spokane Valley and surrounding areas.

From driveway installation to concrete resurfacing, stamped finishes and beyond, our team brings  years of experience building, designing and restoring concrete to your residential or commercial property. Our contractors offer professional solutions at affordable rates.

Trusted Contractors near you Provide Beautiful, Long-Lasting Concrete Solutions for Your Spokane Property

We understand that your concrete work is a big investment and we assure paying close attention to every detail from start to finish. Our proven process ensures efficient, hassle-free concrete projects tailored to your timeline and budget.

The possibilities with concrete are endless. Advance Roofing’s team of contractors brings decades of combined expertise in crafting creative, customized concrete for both residential and commercial buildings across Spokane and surrounding cities.

Our licensed team of contractors with 15+ year experience in the industry has the expertise to handle residential and commercial concrete projects of all shapes and sizes. Contact our company to transform your property with creative, durable concrete solutions customized to match your vision!

Custom-designed outdoor furniture on a concrete patio in Spokane, featuring a wooden table with a smooth finish and geometric concrete stools basking in the sunlight.

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Comprehensive concrete services

Concrete Driveway Installation

Our contractors provide professional demolition and removal of your old driveway, preparation of the base, rebar and wire mesh reinforcement installation, and pouring new concrete optimized for drainage and endurance through all weather conditions.

Patio & Sidewalk Installation

Our company handles everything from layout and measurements to soil preparation, foundation, compacting, framing, pouring concrete and applying your choice of finishes. Our contractors have completed hundreds of diverse projects throughout Spokane.

Modern outdoor seating area by a concrete company in Spokane, showing a stylish director's chair with a white canvas, a sleek green metal table, and a concrete bench adorned with greenery.

Foundation Repair & Maintenance

Cracks in your Spokane property's foundation can gradually worsen. Our contractors offer structural solutions from sealants to presses, carbon fiber anchoring to piering for foundation uplift and stabilization, providing long-term durability and peace of mind for our commercial and residential clients.

Custom Stamped & Stained Concrete

Achieve unique outdoor concrete surfaces through impression stamps and specialized coloring techniques – from classic brick to unique stone patterns. Our experienced concrete contractors transform your outdoor spaces into aesthetically pleasing environments, significantly enhancing both the visual appeal and value of your property with lasting beauty and durability.

Concrete Resurfacing & Refinishing

Our contractors will restore the usability and aesthetic appeal of old concrete surfaces across your Spokane property through resurfacing, staining, engraving, smoothing and protective sealants. We prolong the lifetime and aesthetical appeal of concrete structures.

Steps, Ramps, Walkways & More

We specialize in crafting intricate concrete additions that go beyond basic installations. Our skilled teams of contractors can create winding pathways, decorative retaining walls, stone-accented pillars, decorative fixtures.

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Campfire & Barbecue Areas

Our company handles the concrete work to create your perfect outdoor gathering space, from laying the foundation for built-in fire pits or grills, to pouring concrete pads and surrounds equipped for patio furnishings. Choose unique finishes like stone or brick impressions, engraving and staining.

Basement & Porch Steps

Our contractors install high quality concrete stairways to match your home's style, from basement ingress/egress stairs to front and back porch access steps. Options include railings, smooth rounded edges, elevated sidewalls, integrated lighting all built to last. Our skilled crews handle demolition and disposal, rebar installation, concrete pouring and setting, railing fabrication, finishing treatments and sealing.

The Process


We visit your property to meet in-person, understand your vision, assess the landscape and discuss options to prepare an initial proposal.

Design & Planning

After contract with our company is signed, our team finalizes technical drawings incorporating all details into project scopes, schedules and local estimates.


We assemble the crew, deliver equipment and materials to your site and begin hands-on concrete work – from surface prep to finishes.

Completion & Follow-Up

Once fully complete, our contractors conduct tests and measurements before issuing occupancy certificates. We also offer annual check-ups of concrete structures.

Trust Our Spokane Concrete Contractors for Exceptional Service & Quality

When it comes to installing or restoring concrete across your Spokane property, you deserve affordable pricing paired with exceptional quality craftsmanship and customer service.

Here are 5 key reasons to choose Advance Roofing as your trusted local concrete contractor:

Concrete foundation

Proven Concrete Expertise

With years of specialized experience, our in-house team of contractors offers extensive expertise across concrete solutions – from pouring sturdy foundations to decorative finishes.

Seamless Customer Service

Our company strives to provide 5-star service throughout every step – from assisting with project designs and budgeting to timely completion. Our customers’ complete satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Quality & Craftsmanship Assurance

Every concrete project follows stringent standards using high-grade materials for longevity. The company also offers industry-leading warranties for Spokane residents and businesses peace of mind.

Handling Projects of All Sizes

Our expert contractors have successfully undertaken concrete projects ranging from small backyard patios to large commercial buildings thanks to our expanded crews and equipment capacity.

Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured

You can rest easy knowing all our work is fully insured, protecting your property while under construction and post-completion.

With affordable pricing, customer service excellence, quality craftsmanship and extensive concrete expertise, Advance Roofing has you covered!

Contact our company today to bring your residential or commercial concrete vision to life in Spokane!

Concrete stairs

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Whether you need a new driveway poured, are looking to install a patio, or have another concrete job in mind, our team of expert contractors is ready to help bring your vision to life.

Fill out the given form or call (509)201-4190 and one of our concrete specialists will contact you shortly to provide a FREE estimate and discuss options for your project.

Our company has been installing quality concrete for homes and businesses in the Spokane area for years. Our team handles projects of all sizes, from simple sidewalk repairs to intricate stamped concrete designs covering acres of commercial space.

Discover for yourself the difference expert planning, top-quality concrete materials, and skilled installation can make – without obligation. Contact us today to get started designing your ideal driveway, patio, decorative walls, floors, foundation repair, stairs, ramps, walkways, and any other residential or commercial concrete amenity!

Concrete Pricing

Square footage (plain concrete)

Average cost


$450 – 900


$900 – 2000


$1200 – 2500


$1800 – 3200


Cost per sq.ft.










Our concrete installation prices vary depending on several key factors, so the following rates are estimates only. Actual pricing will be determined after our team evaluates your project’s size, scope, design intricacy, necessary prep work, location, materials used, and timeline.

We provide free, no-obligation quotes with exact pricing after assessing each unique job. As a general reference, factors that impact overall costs include:

  • Concrete type (standard, stamped, stained etc.)
  • Layout complexity (simple slab vs intricate shapes and patterns)
  • Surface area size
  • Demolition/removal work needed
  • Accessibility of the location
  • Special finishes and treatments
  • Amount of rebar, framing or reinforcement required
  • Optional amenities (lighting, railings etc.)

Our company has the experience to provide upfront guidance on the most cost-effective options to suit your budget and concrete installation goals. Please contact our experienced contractors for a customized quote outlining your project pricing.



Many customers are interested in how quickly they can start pouring concrete. Upon signing the contract, our professional contractors will arrive at your location within a couple of days to initiate the concrete pouring process. The time it takes for concrete to harden after pouring depends on various factors, such as weather conditions and thickness. For example, concrete tends to harden faster in warm seasons compared to colder weather. After completing the concrete pouring work, our contractor will provide you with specific recommendations. They will guide you on when it's safe to walk or drive on the concrete. We recommend following these guidelines to ensure the concrete fully cures, extending its lifespan and enhancing durability.


The cost of concrete pouring is determined by the surface area to be covered. Additionally, the complexity of the project's design influences the overall cost. As a full-service concrete company, our team of experienced contractors provides accurate cost estimates before commencing work, enabling you to effectively plan expenses.

Beyond Spokane: Our Contractors Serve Countless WA & ID Communities

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Advance Roofing LLC brings years of expertise in concrete installation, repair and restoration services for residential and commercial properties across Spokane and surrounding areas.

We are locally-owned concrete contractors Spokane specializing in crafting durable, high-quality concrete solutions customized to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property.

We are licensed, bonded and insured for all concrete services we provide. Above all, our company values customer satisfaction.  

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