Emergency roof coverage is often needed when buildings suffer extreme weather conditions such as high winds, storms, and fires. To ensure the safety of the property and of the people living in it, the roof should be temporarily protected by emergency tarping.

Advance Roofing LLC specialists provide emergency roof covering as a part of emergency out-of-hours services. Emergency roof services are available any time of the day to protect the roof from mechanical damage and leaks.

On this page, we will explain when you need emergency roofing and what is the best cause of action when your roof is severely damaged. Also, you can find out how the emergency roof covering works and how much it costs.

When do you need emergency roof covering?

  • Hurricane season

Emergency roof coverage will help prevent roof damage during hurricane season. If you live in a natural disaster area, we recommend preparing thoroughly for the hurricane season. The emergency roof covering will help keep shingles and roof structure intact, even during severe storms.

  • If the roof is damaged

An emergency roof covering will protect the roof until the roof is repaired or replaced.

  • Preparing for a major renovation

If you’re planning on doing a major home renovation and your roof has leaks you need to consider emergency covering . This will help you prevent the water damage of roof structure until the roof is replaced.

Can you perform an emergency coverage yourself?

We recommend you start by contacting a trusted roof contractor. A roof specialist will inspect the roof, and work out a plan.

For safety reasons, we do not recommend that you try to undertake the emergency repairs yourself, especially when extreme weather conditions persist. Emergency roof repair and emergency roofing by a non-specialist can lead to serious injuries.

Advance Roofing LLC offers emergency roof repairs and emergency roof covering. Contact us 24/7, and we will inspect your roof and give you an estimate for our emergency roofing services.

How does emergency roofing work?

To minimize further roof damage, roof repair professionals use emergency roof tarping. Emergency roofing should only be carried out by roofing specialists.

  1. A specialist will inspect the roof and assess the damage.
  2. When needed, the repair team will clean the roof to remove the objects that can cause further damage. For example, they will remove water, debris, branches and everything blown onto the roof by the hurricane.
  3. The roofing team will install plywood at the site of the destruction of the roof. After that, a tarpaulin emergency shield will be stretched over the plywood. Such construction can last from several months to a year. After all, Its service life must be confirmed by a company specialist.

What is the cost of an emergency roofing service at Advance Roofing LLC?

The cost of emergency roof tarping is calculated individually for each client. It depends on many factors, including:

  • Damage level
  • Cost of roofing materials
  • Labor cost
  • The roof structure
  • Weather conditions

Advance Roofing LLC specialists will inspect the roof and calculate the exact cost of the repairs. For your convenience, all the documents will be signed and sent online. In addition, we will be happy to assist you in resolving formalities with your insurance company.

Submit you roofing request on Advance Roofing LLC website or call us (509) 201-4190. We will be happy to help you at any time!
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