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Tile Roof Repair in Spokane by Advance Roofing LLC

As a leading local roofing contractor serving Spokane homeowners for years, Advance Roofing LLC specializes in providing prompt, reliable diagnosis and repairs for all types of defective tile roofs.

Common Tile Roof Repair Issues Needing Professional Service

Close-up view of an old, weathered terracotta tile roof in need of repair, showing signs of moss and lichen growth

Advantages of Timely Professional Tile Roof Repair Services

A roofer wearing a yellow hard hat and safety vest is installing blue tiles on a steep roof, representing skilled tile roofers in Spokane under a clear sky

By proactively repairing any tile defects as detected, you can avoid exacerbating issues leading to major roof leaks, interior water damage, potential mold growth and the high costs of a full roof replacement later.

Our licensed roofers have specialized expertise maintaining and repairing tile roofing systems that general handymen simply lack – ensuring repairs completed properly the first time.

We provide honest assessments and offer cost-effective roof repair solutions tailored specifically to address your roof’s unique problem areas.

Our workmanship and lifetime materials are backed by manufacturer warranties as well as our own 10 year labor guarantee on all tile repair work performed.

Our Tile Roof Repair Services

Leak Repair

We identify and replace all cracked, damaged or displaced roof tiles allowing water intrusion. We re-seal any vulnerable transitions prone to leaking like chimneys, vent stacks and valleys using the highest grade waterproof flashing materials rated to withstand extreme Pacific Northwest weather exposure.

Tile Replacement

Any broken, missing or extensively worn tile shingles on your roof will get expertly replaced. We match new replacement tile color, style and materials to your existing roof for seamless uniform aesthetic. Our roofers use premium adhesives and mechanical anchoring specifically designed for durable installation of matched tile replacements.

Gutter Repair

We thoroughly inspect and test entire gutter systems for proper slope, drainage and functionality. Any damaged areas get reinforced; leaky joints re-sealed; clogs removed. We also offer tile roof cleaning packages using soft pressure washing methods to clear leaves/pine needles without damaging your existing tiles.

Wood Sheathing Repairs

We replace water damaged, rotted or degraded wooden roof decking with new pressure and moisture-resistant structural sheathing cut-to-size onsite. Our roofers integrate any new replacement deck sheathing with existing roof framing using premium weatherproof adhesives and mechanical fasteners.

Carpenter in blue overalls and red checkered shirt is repairing wood sheathing on a roof, nailing down new wooden planks.

Ventilation Updates

We consult on installing balanced intake and exhaust ventilation to combat moisture saturation and hazardous ice dam buildup during winter months. We handle installation of new balanced soffit and rooftop venting plus insulation upgrades to maintain air flow and displacement for improved moisture control.

Underlayment Protection

We install durable synthetic weather barriers and permeable underlayments providing enhanced leak protection outperforming outdated roofing felts vulnerable to deterioration over time.

Transition Detailing

Vulnerable intersections where tile roofing meets sidewalls, pipes and skylights prone to cracking get re-flashed and sealed using the highest grade adhesive membranes and metal flashings.

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Why Choose Advance Roofing for Tile Roof Repairs

Proven Experience

With many years efficiently servicing the Spokane area, our roofers have worked extensively on all common tile roof defects unique to regional climate challenges and can accurately assess your issues for strategic repairs. We know what works!

Premium Materials

We only utilize top-tier tile shingles, underlayments and sealants that pass rigorous quality control testing for strength, weather-resistance and longevity - not flimsy generic products prone to rapid failure.

Emergency Service

As a local company working in tandem with regional suppliers, we have flexibility to rapidly respond to emergency leak calls days ahead of out-of-state contractors relying on distant warehouses for materials. We can start many repairs immediately.

Licensed & Insured

Every one of our roofers hold active credentials meeting strict state requirements. We are fully licensed and insured for full customer assurance. We maintain all legally mandated liability coverage limits and policy types to ensure total financial protection for homeowners .

Extended Guarantees

We provide 10 years warranty for full roof replacement. If any defects arise from poor workmanship, we'll fix them free of charge to provide an extra layer of financial protection on your roof investment not offered by competitors.

Turnkey Service

We oversee your entire hassle-free repair project from initial inspection to evaluating repair strategy options to securing permits to professional installation and final cleanup. We make tile roof repairs smooth and worry-free for our customers.

Tile Roofing Types Expertly Repaired

clay tile roof repair

Clay Tiles

We repair cracks, replace broken or missing clay tiles, and reinforce transitions and flashing points on clay tile roofs. Clay offers natural insulation.

A leaky roof vent can cause damage to your home if left unnoticed

Slate Roof Tiles

From cracked slates to loose and missing shingles our crews can deftly repair any issues with your slate tile roofing using traditional installation methods.

concrete roof tile repair

Concrete Tiles

For leaking or damaged concrete tile roofs we provide seamless spot repairs and reinforce vulnerable areas. Concrete is extremely durable.

Asphalt Shingles

Synthetic Tiles

We replace or upgrade defective synthetic polymer-based shingles trying to mimic clay or slate tiles providing budget-friendly options.

metal roof tile repair

Metal Tiles

We handle metal tile roof repairs ranging from fixing damaged sections to coating for rust protection. Lightweight with vast design options.

Wood Shake Shingles

Wood Shingle Tiles

We service wood shingles or shakes, repairing damaged sections, curvature issues causing lifted edges, and coating for water protection.

Our Tile Roof Repair Process from Start to Finish

We thoroughly examine the current state of your tile roof and take precise measurements to identify all areas needing repair. We outline options for addressing any issues detected during this onsite diagnostic evaluation.

After assessing, we put together a customized roof repair plan listing all recommended tasks, with a line-item estimate breaking down costs in advance so you know exactly what to budget. We highlight high-priority fixes.

We protect the surrounding landscape with tarps before starting carefully removing damaged tile sections/underlayments. We discard all debris offsite per regulations. Then our crew meticulously installs new prime tile shingles, membranes and reinforces vulnerable transition points utilizing the specified premium materials.

At every milestone our tile roof repair foreman will inspect work completed to ensure proper techniques followed meeting manufacturer specifications and to catch any deficiencies immediately for correction.

We perform a final walkthrough so you can evaluate the finished roof repairs before providing payment. We want you to be fully happy!

Finally we offer tips to maximize longevity of repairs and overview preventative tile roof maintenance best practices customized to your specific tiled roofing system.

Cost for Tile Roof Repairs


Average cost per project


$400 – $2000


$700 – $2500


$250 – $1600

Damaged tiles




Roof reinforcing/Rot/Leak


The price of a tile roof repair depends on the property’s size, height, complexity, pitch, number of issues and damaged sections, the condition of the structure and extent of damage. 


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Need tile roof repairs in the Spokane area? Advance Roofing LLC is e Spokane’s top-rated tile roofing company near you specializing in leak patching, tile shingle replacement, transitions resealing and all other tile roof repair services. Take advantage of our impeccable customer service and professional approach!

Whether you need minor tile roof repairs near me or a full roof replacement, our expert Spokane roofers have you covered. Simply call (509) 201-4190 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free estimate by one of our certified “near me” tile roofers.