Window repair or replacement: how to find out what you need

The question of repairing or replacing windows arises most often in a situation where the windows in the house begin to sweat, lose their tightness, let in cold breeze of air and heat, or cracks. But how do you know what you really need – repair or replacement of windows?

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This issue is of great concern for the owners of houses and apartments, because this issue is primarily financial, since window repair will require less expenditure than a complete replacement.

Let’s take a closer look at situations where you can get away with a simple repair:

  • When your window is cracked or broken. In this case, if the damage is not critical, the contractor will be able to replace the damaged window parts for you.
  • When the pillars on the windows with single glass are broken.
  • When your window sashes don’t work well or get stuck.
  • When the window trim is damaged.
  • When there are small moisture leaks.

However, in the following situations, you will have to completely change the windows in the house:

  • If your windows fog up and condensation forms inside them.
  • If the internal pillars of the window collapsed critically.
  • If the window has large structural problems.
  • If there is a major water leak.
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Window repair: some cases

Let’s take a closer look at some of the situations in which repairs can help.
  • The first situation is the appearance of a few drops of water on the internal surface of the windows. Quite often, this situation is resolved by cleaning gutters and downpipes, as well as a window drip collector. When they are clogged, water is misdirected and ends up inside your home. Also, the issue of the appearance of water drops on the internal surface of the window can be solved by high-quality sealing of the adjacent walls.
  • The second situation is damage to the window frame. If you still have wooden windows and don’t intend to change them, carefully inspect them for cracks or gaps in the wood. The wood may have cracked in some places. If the damaged area cannot be replaced, you can putty and paint the window with water-repellent paint. This will provide the additional protection.
Unfortunately, repairs are very often impossible when it comes to old wooden windows. In most cases, wooden windows can no longer be restored to such an extent that they perform their full functions. Restoring wooden windows is not profitable from a financial point of view, it is much more profitable to install new windows and enjoy using them.

Window replacement: some cases

  • The first case is window fogging. You can observe this phenomenon in windows where there are two or three glasses. Modern double and triple glazing is made in such a way that they completely retain their tightness, unlike older windows. In situations where a modern double-glazed window has nevertheless lost its tightness and condensation has begun to form, a complete replacement of the sash or window is recommended. Why? Because this is the only optimal option for eliminating leaky windows. In some sources, you can find information that you can drill a hole in a window, pump out all the moisture and close the hole. But there are very few companies that do this and it is much more convenient and more economical to simply replace the window.
  • Severe large leaks. Unfortunately, if after the next rain or hail you have a strong leakage of water from the window, it needs to be completely changed. This is a sign that the window has serious structural damage that cannot be repaired with a simple repair. We recommend that you do not postpone the replacement of such a window until the next incident. Since large leaks can ruin the repair in the house, your furniture, and also provoke the formation of mold and rot.

Some advantages of new windows

Installing new windows has several undeniable advantages:
  • Ease of use. Modern windows are convenient and comfortable to use. The shutters of such windows do not sink and work perfectly.
  • Modern windows are beautiful. They will fit perfectly into the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Reliability and durability. High-quality installation and materials make the windows durable and strong.
  • Regulation of the microclimate at home. Modern windows do not let ultraviolet rays into the house, also they prevent the penetration of too much heat and cold inside, so you will always have a pleasant temperature in your house.
  • Quick replacement. Our specialists can install several windows in just a few hours.
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