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When to replace the shingle roof

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When should I replace my roof?

It is important to consider roof replacement if there are visible signs of leaks or damage. When you call Advance Roofing LLC, the specialist will offer you a free estimate depending on your issue, and you will be able to discuss whether a replacement is necessary or if you can be offered a partial repair.

Roof moss removal
Sometimes it’s possible to save money and renovate the roof

Partial repair costs less than a full replacement, but if the leaks continue to appear, then you might need a full replacement of the roof, especially if it is older than twenty years. Depending on the materials used and maintenance, the lifespan of a roof can be about thirty years.

Professional exterior roof inspections such as climbing up onto the roof and checking for leaks are necessary, and it is recommended to be made every year. Interior roof inspections can include checking ventilation, mold, and moisture. After proper evaluation and the feedback of the inspection, you can decide whether your roof requires replacement.

When to replace the shingle roof?

If your roof is older than twenty-five years, then it is time to consult a roofing company for a probable need for replacement. For this kind of roof, the 25-year lifespan is the norm, if the roof has been properly ventilated and does not have any leaking signs. Qualified professionals can determine when a roof should be replaced, after a careful analysis of the situation.

Leaking roof
Leaking roof

Factors that influence the lifespan of your roof

Roofing replacement depends on the condition of the roof. Roof inspection and regular visual checks can avoid extensive roof damage, so it is possible to order repair services that will prolongate the roof lifespan. One of the most common questions is “when does a roof need to be replaced?”

If the roof starts leaking or breaking apart, or you have seen considerable damage, then you should think about replacing your roof. Weather conditions and the quality of roof materials are the factors that often determine the lifespan of the roof. There are various types of roofs available, some of them are asphalt shingles, metal, and tile.

It is important to say that some roofs are more affordable than others, but it does not always mean that the price of the roof determines the quality and the lifespan. Although some roofs are more durable and natural, other roofs may have a longer life, as the weather conditions typically can be considered the most significant factor for durability.

Roof needs regular maintenance
Needles can damage the roof

What is the life cycle of a roof?

The average shingle roof life is twenty years. But if the proper attention is given to the roof, the roof’s lifespan can be extended up to twenty-five years. There are common questions that the owners have when they review the possibility of replacing a roof and gutters with the roof. Some of them are listed below:

How to know if your roof needs replacing?

If there is considerable damage to your roof, you should contact a roofing company to find out about the possibility of maintenance. If you notice wet spots on the ceiling, missing or broken shingles, decayed or moldy shingles that have lost granules, then it is time for a complete roof replacement.

Should I replace gutters with the roof?

Some customers prefer to replace their gutters when they replace their roofs. If your gutters are new or the material’s integrity is still strong, then you probably should not replace them during your roof replacement. Note that it is not obligatory to replace gutters with the roof. However, facia condition will determine if gutters need to be replaced or detached and reset.

How do you know when you require a new roof?

When considering the possibility of a new roof, many factors should be analyzed, for example, the surface integrity, layering issues, long-term costs, the age of the roof, materials, underlayment, etc.

Underlayment on the roof
Underlayment on the roof

Author: Advance Roofing Team

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