The best temperature to pour concrete

Many customers who approach our company to avail the service of pouring concrete often ask about the right temperature for pouring concrete? In this article, professional contractors from Advance Roofing LLC will guide you about the procedure of pouring the concrete during the flatwork. This includes the appropriate temperature at which the concrete is usually poured and the best time of the year to do it. The technology of pouring concrete during the flatwork has its own nuances and features.

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Flatwork is the process of pouring concrete to create driveways, sidewalk, patios and any other flat surface. In order to perform this task correctly, you not only need to choose the right material, but also take into the account the temperature and weather outside.

What is the best temperature to pour concrete in Spokane?

Concrete walkway near the house With the help of concrete you can make beautiful walkways on the site.

It is necessary to pour concrete in cases where the air temperature outside is not more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Too much heat can make it difficult to pour concrete during the flatwork. For example, in states where daytime temperatures are too high, contractors pour concrete at night. The fact is that if the air temperature outside is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the top layer of concrete will harden faster than the bottom one. What can this lead to?

If the concrete hardens unevenly, then this can lead to chipping and cracking of the concrete in the future. When it comes to placing the concrete at low air temperatures, we recommend pouring it when the air is 37 °F.

What is the best weather for pouring concrete?

The weather can also affect the pouring of concrete. The main condition that must be observed when pouring concrete is the absence of rain and severe wind.Heavy rain or severe wind can decrease the strength of the concrete, and after it is hardened, concrete cracks can occur.

What is the best time of year to pour concrete in Spokane?

In order for concrete to serve for a long time, not to split, it is necessary to choose the right time of year for pouring it. The best time to pour the concrete during the flatworks are warm months from april till september. During these months, the air temperature is suitable and you can choose a day when there is no rain or severe wind.

We do not recommend pouring concrete in winter, as sometimes the temperature is very low, and there may also be heavy rainfall. This will adversely affect the condition of the concrete.

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Why is it important to comply with the technology specs when pouring concrete?

Unfortunately, concrete is such a material that does not allow the contractor to make a mistake. If the concrete is cracked and crumbled, it cannot simply be repaired. It needs to be completely removed and re-pour. Our contractors comply with all concrete pouring rules. We are constantly learning new things and improving our professional skills. The people of Spokane admire our service and quality of work. You can always call us and we will advise you on any issue related to pouring concrete.

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