What is the price of roof cleaning in Spokane?

Every homeowner should know that roof cleaning is essential to roof maintenance. Regardless of the cost and quality of materials and installation, the roof is vulnerable to natural factors and requires regular cleaning. All roofs must be cleaned of leaves, moss, and needles relatively regularly.

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Can I clean the roof myself?

Over time, dirt, moss, and algae can build up on your roof. In order to retain the structural integrity of the roof, it is important to keep your roof clean. For shingle roofs, we recommend using a medium-hard brush to clean off moss and needles. A medium hardness brush is advised to prevent premature granular loss. You can also use a leaf-blower, but only from the top down. This means that all dirt would be blown off from the top of the roof down. If you do it the other way, there is a high chance the shingles would come off the roof.

If your home has a metal roof, you can use a brush, a leaf blower, and a water hose to clean it. Do-It-Yourself roof cleaning requires skill and physical fitness, so many homeowners prefer to entrust this task to roof cleaning specialists. Completing a DIY roof cleaning project might put you and your roof structures at risk.

How often should you clean your house roof?

Cleaning your roof is important to ensure it remains durable and long-lasting. For example, in an area with frequent dust storms and high winds, or if trees surround the house, you will need to clean the roof more frequently. If your roof is not heavily exposed to natural factors, cleaning is often unnecessary. Typically, the roof of a house needs to be cleaned twice a year.

What is the price of roof cleaning in Spokane

What is the price of the roof cleaning service at Advance Roofing LLC?

On average, roof cleaning takes from one to four hours. The time it takes depends on the size and shape of the roof, the design, access, and the amount of debris. The price for roof cleaning depends on these factors and is calculated individually for each roof cleaning request.

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Author: Advance Roofing Team