What flaws could occur while pouring concrete

In order for concrete to last for many years, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology of its pouring. There are several common mistakes that contractors commit while pouring concrete. In this article, these professionals will share with you the most common mistakes often made while pouring concrete.

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Using the wrong type of concrete

There are several types of concrete, which differ by area of use. There are lighter and more durable compounds. For flat work in a residential area, lighter compositions are used. This does not mean that they are less durable and will serve for only a few years. More durable compounds are used in the construction of commercial and non-residential buildings and structures. For example, when building a factory or warehouse, durable concrete is used.

It makes no sense to use such durable concrete in residential areas, as it is time-consuming to build and furthermore is difficult and expensive to dismantle. Professional contractors from our company always take these factors into account while pouring concrete.

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Improper vibration handling

In order to prevent the formation of large air bubbles while pouring concrete, it must be vibrated using a special device. If this is not done, then the concrete is filled with the air that consists of the cavities. This can lead to cracking and destruction of the concrete.

Also, it is not recommended to vibrate concrete for too long. This leads to the separation of the components of the concrete mixture.

Pouring concrete One of the most common mistakes while pouring concrete is that the contractor does not control the uniform setting of the concrete.

Let it dry

In order for the concrete to serve for a long time, it is necessary to withstand the recommended drying time. After the concrete has been poured, contractors will give you advice as to when to step on the sidewalk or drive into a driveway.

Uneven concrete drying

When pouring concrete in hot weather, some contractors can make a serious mistake. In hot weather, the top layer of concrete hardens faster than the bottom one. This leads to the fact that cracks and splits in concrete may appear in the future. To avoid this, the contractor should spray water onto the top layer of concrete with a spray gun. This will help in preventing the rapid curing of the top layer of concrete in the heat.

Poured concrete

Grade prep work

Before pouring concrete, it is necessary to level and compact the working surface of the land. If this is not done, the concrete platform will crack.

Lack of reinforcement

For concrete to last for a long time, it is imperative to use reinforcement before pouring it. Reinforcement allows concrete to be held together firmly. Without reinforcement, concrete will quickly crack due to the natural movement of the earth.

So, in conclusion we have analyzed the main mistakes while pouring concrete. You have learned what not to do while pouring concrete and the most common mistakes made by non-professionals. Our company has extensive experience in working with concrete. We know how to avoid mistakes during concrete pouring and are constantly improving our skills.