What are the advantages of a metal roof, and what is the average price of metal roof replacement?

Standard metal roofing comes in various solid colors, does not absorb moisture, has a distinctively modern look, and is highly durable. Here are some key factors to consider when planning a new roof.

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1. Competent roof design.

As a structural building element, experienced professionals should design metal roofs. Roof designers should have an excellent knowledge of the individual parts and – more importantly – an understanding of all roof elements working together to give the house the benefits of a functional metal roof system.

2. Professional installation in compliance with local standards and recommended technologies.

Nothing matters more than the quality of the installation. Improper installation due to unprofessionalism can significantly shorten the roof’s life, damage the entire roof structure, and void the paint warranty. On the other hand, a well-installed roof will serve you for many years and protect your home from severe weather.

3. Regular maintenance.

Even if your contractors followed all design and construction guidelines, the life of your roof can be significantly reduced if you don’t follow maintenance advice for metal roofs.

This article will discuss the main advantages, design, installation, and maintenance of metal roofs. We will also go through the critical stages of a metal roof replacement.

A low-slope metal roof.The average cost of a metal roof replacement depends on many factors.

Main advantages of a metal roof

Metal roofing is long-lasting, easy-maintenance, and extra durable. As a result, it is becoming increasingly popular in a range of commercial and residential buildings. Homeowners choose metal roofing more and more often compared to tiled and other traditional types of roofing.

The price of a metal roof is higher than a tile one, but they have many outstanding qualities.

  1. Metal roofing is environmentally friendly. It is safe for people’s health and can be recycled.
  2. Durability. Galvanized roofing sheet with a suitable polymer coating, with proper care, can perform its function for up to 50 years.
  3. Modern design. A broad color palette and various textures mean that you can choose the one that fits into the surrounding landscape and will successfully emphasize the house’s architecture.
  4. Lightweight. Metal roofing does not require a reinforced truss system and frequent lathing.
  5. The snow and ice accumulation on such a roof is minimal due to the slippery surface and no horizontal ribs.
  6. Impervious to fire and rot.
  7. Applicable for low-slope roofs.

How is the cost of roof replacement calculated?

Many customers would like to receive an estimate for a new metal roof immediately over the phone. However, this is an impossible task without inspecting the roof. To plan a roof replacement, a roofing expert must consider the scope of work, the materials, and the timeline. Based on these calculations, an estimate will be presented.

The contractor plans the workRoof inspection

How is a metal roof installed?

The first step to a new roof is the removal of the old one. Uninstalling the roof includes dismantling the old roof and removing construction debris from the property. Another vital part of construction site preparation is making the area safe and ensuring clear site access.

After dismantling, the truss system needs to be strengthened. Next, the insulating and waterproofing layers are laid. High-quality thermal insulation helps to keep the house warm and does not let moisture through. Roofing felt is often used as an insulating material for metal roofs. In the end, the roofing team installs the flashings and cover strips, and only then the metal sheets are installed.

At Advance Roofing, our experienced roofing teams carry out metal roof installations quickly and efficiently as we value our customers’ time. In addition, as a trusted roofing contractor, we perform all the scopes of roof replacement and repair services in Spokane.

How to look after a metal roof?

Any roof must be regularly cleaned of leaves, debris, and moss. It is imperative to clean off the moss, as a considerable accumulation of moss can lead to rust.

We recommend cleaning the roof at least twice a year. If large amounts of debris accumulate on the top of your house due to its location or weather conditions, it needs to be cleaned more often.

The best advice is to trust roof cleaning with professional contractors like Advance Roofing. We take a responsible approach, are attentive to detail, and provide excellent customer service. Statistics show that If you clean the roof yourself, there is a high risk of injury or accidental damage to the structures. Roofers have specialized training, professional equipment, and skills that enable them to do their job safely and efficiently.

What determines the cost of a metal roof?

It is hard to name the average roof price as multiple factors affect the cost. However, a reliable contractor will provide an estimate after evaluation and measurements.

The price of a metal roof depends on the following:

  • Scope of work;
  • Materials;
  • Number of workers;
  • Location of the property;
  • Tools and Equipment.

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