Emergency Roof Repairs: Assessing the Urgency

Almost every roof may require some repairs over time. This article will talk about essential key points of emergency roof tarping, emergency roof repairs, and what’s the best way to schedule roofing work. In addition, we offer free no-obligation roof inspections to assess your needs.

When do you need an emergency roof tarping?

Emergency roof tarping refers to a damaged section of the roof covered with a tarp to prevent further damage to your property. Emergency roof tarping is a way to support your roof temporarily until you have it repaired or replaced. We can install roof tarping within two hours in case of severe roof damage.

Then when the water ingress inside the house is eliminated, our roofing expert will calculate the cost of emergency roof repairs and discuss the next steps and work schedule.

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When are urgent roof repairs needed?

In addition to roof leaks, there are several other reasons to use the urgent roof repair service.

  • Elemental Strike

The elements of nature can severely damage the roof structure and make it unsafe. A fallen tree branch or hail can damage the roof. The sooner you start roof repairs, the sooner your life will return to normal.

  • Pest infestation

If you find insects and household pests on your roof, you also need to schedule urgent roof repairs. They should be terminated as soon as you notice them for two reasons: they carry dangerous diseases and spread quickly. The sooner you get rid of pests on your roof, the cheaper it will cost you.

  • Complete or partial destruction of the roof

Unfortunately, there are situations when the roof is entirely or partially damaged due to wear or mechanical impact. In this case, the roof requires emergency repairs.

  • Ice dams

Improper insulation of your roof can lead to ice formation after heavy snowfalls. A warm roof causes snow to melt and meltwater to run down the roof. Meltwater freezes as it reaches the edge of the roof and forms a layer of ice crust that can cause significant damage to your roof and gutters.

  • Moss and Fungi

Roof mold can threaten the integrity of your home and affect the health of your family. Moss can build up in cavities and destroy shingles over time. If you find signs of mold and mildew in your home, contact your local roofers and consult with them regarding urgent roof repairs.

  • Gutters issues

If the gutters are not properly installed or clogged, water from the gutter system can rise up to the roof and flood it. Advance Roofing LLC specialists offer emergency repair services, so don’t hesitate to contact us for help!

What circumstances do not require urgent repairs?

A few missing roof tiles, condensation in the attic, or clogged house ventilation are non-urgent issues that do not require emergency roof repairs. These problems do not require an urgent visit from your roofing company, but it is still not advised to postpone them for too long, as they might worsen.

What are the emergency roof repairs?

  • Contact us to order emergency roof repairs, and our experts will come and inspect the roof at a convenient time. Our experts will conduct a survey, evaluate the damage, and walk you through the options.
  • Our experts will prepare a repair or replacement plan. Meanwhile, we may offer emergency roof tarping as a temporary solution to stop the secondary damage until the roof is thoroughly inspected and repaired.
  • After discussing and agreeing on roof replacement or repair work, we will replace the emergency tarp and carry out necessary repairs or complete roof replacement.

How much does the emergency roof repair and emergency roof tarping cost?

Our roofing specialist must inspect the roof and take measurements to determine the exact cost of a roof repair or emergency tarping. The cost of each roof repair is calculated individually. The price of roof repair or emergency roof tarping depends on the current condition, size, and configuration of the roof, property location, and accessibility, the choice of roofing materials, etc. The roof repairs and emergency tarping estimate will be provided shortly after the roof survey.

Author: Advance Roofing Team

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