Average cost of roof work in Spokane

Roof leaks are a tedious topic for many. Very few people like to keep an eye on weather forecasts and prepare for heavy weather when it comes. However, even a small one-time leak indicates a serious roof problem that must be addressed immediately. Otherwise, it will cost a lot of time and money later.

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Main reasons for roof replacements:

There are various reasons why a roof must be repaired or completely replaced.

  • rotten boards and other wooden structures;
  • roof leaks;
  • damaged shingles or flashings;
  • punctures, penetrations;
  • poor maintenance

These factors may occur individually or simultaneously. In this case, it is necessary to carry out major repairs and roof renewal. You can also replace the roofing material for aesthetic reasons if it does not match the new facade.

Even if the reason for replacing the roof seems insignificant, it is best to listen to the opinion of specialists. If done on time, the cost of a roof repair can be significantly lower than the average cost of a roof replacement. However, when you change your roof, you can solve all current and future roof problems at once and not worry about them again. You will not need regular repairs, and your attic and ceiling will always be dry.

Factors to consider when choosing a new roof

Apart from the apparent aspects, such as the type and color of the materials, architectural style, and personal preferences, it is essential to remember that all roofing materials have advantages and disadvantages. To date, shingle roofs and metal roofs are the most popular choices of Spokane residents.

Roof replacement can mean a complete or partial reconstruction of it.

What can affect the final cost of roof repairs:

  • Choice of materials. We often cover various roof finishes in our blog. Depending on your budget and aesthetic preferences, we can offer you a metal or shingle roof. Both options give you a durable roof that protects the house from extreme temperatures, rainwater, and heavy weather.
  • Damage to the existing roof. And more precisely – the level of damage. Generally, customers approach roofing specialists when they already experience leaks or dampness of the ceiling. These are the signs of the existing roof damage. In these cases, we often have to change the finishing material and the entire load-bearing structure and insulation. Such work requires a significant investment, but it pays off when you get an efficient and stylish new roof.
  • Roof area. It is logical to assume that the roof’s size is proportional to its replacement’s final cost. Indeed, the more material the contractor needs to use, the higher the price. However, roofing vendors often give discounts if you order many finishing materials.
  • The complexity of the design. Of course, there are times when the roof structure is simple and does not require a complex engineering approach. However, if the roof has several levels, a complex attic design, and many corners – all this complicates the replacement. An experienced roofing expert will cope with any challenge and design complexity, but assessing the work in advance and preparing is crucial. This will save time and help to complete the job quickly and efficiently.
  • A different type of roof. If you want to change the type of roof, the angle of inclination, etc., you may need a new truss system.

A professional contractor can calculate the cost and perform a quality roof replacement. When choosing a reliable roofing company, pay attention to the following:

  • Reputation. It should be a well-known local company. Ask around to see if your friends, colleagues, or neighbors can recommend a trusted local company. Often word of mouth becomes the most reliable source of information.
  • Work experience. It is risky to trust companies that have only appeared recently.
  • The range of services provided. Hire a company that performs turnkey roof replacement so they dismantle the old roof and install a new one.
  • Cooperation on a written agreement. Contractors who are limited to verbal agreements should be avoided.
  • Respect your opinion. The customer always has his views on how the roof of his house should look.
  • Terms of work. Before concluding a contract, it is essential to discuss the terms and, if necessary, if there is a delay due to the contractor’s fault, to demand compensation or terminate the contractual relationship.

Choosing a good contractor will save you money. After all, it is better to do a good repair once than constantly make minor repairs that do not fix the problem.

How does the roof replacement process work?

It starts with an application. Then, after agreeing on a convenient day for inspecting the roof, a specialist from the roof repair company comes to your home, takes measurements, and assesses the complexity of the work.

The contractor must evaluate the appearance of the building, the roof structures, and the general condition of the attic and walls. Sometimes a complete roof redesign is recommended, but in other cases, a change in the outer coating can be enough.

It’s important to note that Spokane’s Advance Roofing contractors quote the exact cost of a roof replacement before the renovations begin. This agreed price is not subject to change once confirmed.

How much does a roof replacement cost in Spokane?

After the roofing inspection, you should confirm the exact cost of roof replacement work. A roofing expert should be able to offer practical advice and a professional option to help you both save time and money. At Advance Roofing, we provide a free roofing inspection and no-obligation quote for a great new roof for all our customers. At the inspection, the contractor will make an accurate calculation of the cost of the roof replacement and discuss convenient dates for repairs.

The total cost of work depends on the following:

  • scope of work (rebuilding the roof and raising it for the attic);
  • total roof area;
  • scheduled completion date;
  • the complexity of the roof (the number of slopes, the presence of additional elements);
  • quality and type of shingles;
  • working conditions (season, weather conditions);
  • building type (residential or non-residential);
  • the degree of wear of the roof;
  • height of the building;
  • type of roofing cake (heated attic or cold attic)

Also, pay attention to the manufacturer’s guarantee for materials and installation.

Roof replacement specialists from Advance Roofing take roofing projects of any complexity. We know how to design, install and repair roofs to last the maximum number of years. The roof replacement price is calculated individually for each project. We will help you choose those materials that will effectively perform their functions and fit your budget.

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Only a roof contractor has all the necessary tools and skills to replace a roof.

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