Top Concrete Pouring Questions: Concrete Pouring Guide

How to choose a solution for pouring concrete?

In 99 % of cases, concrete is poured by professional contractors, so the clients themselves do not come up with their own solution. Our company Advanced Roofing works with the best building materials suppliers in the Spokane area. We independently select the most appropriate concrete solution and apply it to fix the issues at the place of work. The solution is selected depending on where it will be poured. We take into account all the nuances and select a solution that is suitable.

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What is the sequence of pouring concrete?

  1. Stage of ordering. The client calls the company of concrete contractors and orders a consultation on the upcoming work.
  2. At the consultation, the contractor determines the scope of work, kind of materials are needed and the quantity required.
  3. The contractor orders the required concrete mix from the partner.
  4. Delivery. During delivery, the concrete is constantly mixed so as not to let it hardened on the road.
  5. Installation of a metal substrate and casting molds.
  6. Solidification of concrete.

Safety during concrete work

Everyone working with pouring concrete must strictly take safety measures. The Contractor must wear safety shoes, a hard hat, abrasive coated gloves that also protect against chemical exposure, goggles, long tight pants, a heavy long-sleeved shirt and a vest.

Failure to follow the safety instructions may result in injury or accidents.

If concrete is accidentally spilled on any surface, immediately wash it off with water. This is necessary so that the concrete does not have time to harden. If the concrete on the surface gets hardened, it will be very difficult to remove it, and most likely impossible. Concrete is a very strong and durable material, it hardens quite quickly, so in order not to spoil the surfaces around it, you need to work with it very carefully.

Beautiful concrete ground in front of a houseConcrete surfaces can be walked on after 48 hours

When can you freely use the concrete surface?

Concrete is a material that requires a certain curing time after pouring before being exposed to external influences.

The contractor will give recommendations on the concrete setting time. They may differ depending on how thick concrete is poured.

If we talk about general recommendations, then in most cases you can step on concrete after 48 hours. 15 days after the concrete is poured, a small car can drive over it. However, concrete completely hardens after 28 days.

The concrete may look completely cured even before full curing time, but this is not the case in reality. If you start walking or driving on a concrete slab before the contractor has authorized it, the concrete may crack and crumble. Concrete cannot be repaired, it can only be completely replaced. Therefore, failure to follow the recommendations can cost you dearly.

Where to find cool concrete contractors?

Now you know more about how the process of pouring more concrete takes place. Remember that such a complex technological process must be performed only by professionals. If you are in the Spokane area and looking for concrete contractors – feel free to contact Advance Roofing. We will be happy to help you with all types of flat work.