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What kind of roof damage is covered by a home insurance policy? This article will answer some of the most common questions to help you protect your home and wallet from unnecessary expenses.

What does your roof insurance cover?

All US homeowners are required to have home insurance. However, many homeowners do not know what kind of roof damage can be covered by their insurance policy. As a rule, damage to the roof due to natural factors is suitable for an insured event.

For example, if your roof is damaged by natural events such as strong winds, hurricanes, hail, trees, or wildfires, your insurance will most likely cover this damage.

Some natural disasters are more common in some regions of the country. So if your property is located in an area with strong winds, ensure you have a wind damage clause in your insurance.

Insurance claim assistance or warranty payments from the manufacturer?

The decision of whether you should contact your insurance company or the warranty service of the roof manufacturer is individual.

For example, If you can prove that the wind caused the damage to the shingles on the roof, you will be able to receive payments from your insurance company. Each roof type has its wind resistance characteristic. So if the wind was not as strong, but the roof still got damaged, you can contact the tile manufacturer’s warranty service.

All insurance claims are reviewed on an individual basis. The expert must take into account many factors: the wind force, the area of the roof damage, the age of the roof, the manufacturer’s warranty, and the specific terms of the insurance policy. All of these factors must be carefully considered before the decision is made. So, there is no generally accepted answer to this question.

How quickly do I need assistance from my insurance company?

The answer to this question is quite clear. The sooner you fix the damage accrued due to natural factors, the sooner you receive an insurance payment. Roof repairs must not be delayed as they may lead to further damage to the roof and the whole building.

Hail is one of the most common roof damage causes. Unfortunately, homeowners often do not notice hail roof damage immediately. A few broken shingles may not be a problem to the house’s residents, but the leak can occur several weeks after the incident. Luckily, the insurance payout can be claimed within two years of roof damage.

Roof of a garage The insurance policy covers unplanned roof repairs when natural disasters damage the roof

How much will the insurance company pay me?

The final payout for repairing or replacing the roof depends on many factors. The extent and type of roof damage and the policy terms will be the essential considerations in making this decision. When applying for a home insurance policy, specify the payment terms for insured events. With the appropriate execution of the insurance contract, the insurance company can cover up to 100 percent of the repair costs.

How can we help?

At Advance Roofing LLC, we do not specialize in insurance claim assistance. However, we are happy to inspect your roof and repair damage caused by natural disasters. To make an appointment for a roof inspection please call: (509) 201-4190. We are always happy to help you with roof repairs and replacements!

Author: Advance Roofing Team

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