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Fascia bords replacement

How to replace a fascia board step-by-step

Alternatively, you can try a DIY replacement of the fascia board, following step-by-step instructions from roofing experts. Non-professionals can succeed in replacing fascia boards if they take the time to perform each step correctly.

The fascia is the part of the roof to which the gutters are attached. Like gutters, fascia is one of the things that homeowners tend to forget until they require replacement. We will now discuss why and how you should replace the fascia board and what to consider.

Old fascia

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How to replace the fascia yourself?

It may seem complicated, but if you act in stages, you can replace the facade board of your house yourself. Whether rotting wood, mold, or cracks are the source of the problem, you can follow this basic guide to replace your frieze board without hassle. In any case, you can always count on our roofing specialists. Before tearing something off, carefully inspect the facade to identify problem areas. You can save material costs and installation time if you only need to replace a small area rather than the entire board.

How to replace a fascia board with a drip edge?

This is an excellent opportunity to determine where the damage came from and fix it. Sooner or later, wooden parts need replacement, but there may be a preventable reason for premature wear to fascia boards. Common problems include tile damage, insufficient downpipes, clogged drains, or faulty dropper edges that allow water to rot or mold on the frieze. Unscrew the gutters, gutter brackets, and drip edge as they lie on the fascia. If they are in good condition, you can reuse these parts instead of buying new gutters. Working with a partner is recommended at this stage for safety reasons. Long drainpipes and drip edges can break without support.

Also, unscrew the soffit boards to get a clear picture of the roof’s overhang to the tails of the rafters and the cornice flooring, which may reveal other urgent problems that should be fixed while you have direct access. You can remove friezes more controllably and cut the fascia into small pieces. Usually, it is easier and safer to remove small fragments of the frieze than the whole board at once.

Fascia board

How to replace a fascia board?

To begin, mark the frieze board you plan to remove every three feet. Then cut the frieze board along the marks with an oscillating tool, avoiding the subfascia. Wear safety goggles and a mask to protect yourself from sawdust.

  1. First, cut the sealant along the seams of the frieze with a utility knife to separate the board from adjacent components. Using a chisel, move the frieze board to remove it from the bottom of the frieze. When removing the old board, the bottom panel is exposed. Often, when rotting, the frieze board reaches the frame. With fresh exposure under the facade board, you can visually verify whether this is so.
  2. If the substructure and rafters look like they are still in good condition, clean the wood of any sealant and paint residue to ensure the new batten is fully seated.
  3. Then pull out the nails. Remove any remaining nails sticking out of the frame so the new frieze board can sit flush with the bottom front board. Hammer or cut any nails that you can’t get out of the face board with a power tool with a metal cutting blade.
  4. Determine the length of the new fascia by measuring the old board or gap.
  5. Once you know the exact length, mark it on the frieze board, so you know where to cut. Please make sure the new material, be it lumber, PVC or aluminum friezes, is also the correct width. Set up the saw platform, secure the material with clips, turn on the circular saw, put on your safety gear, and start sawing to size.
  6. A miter saw is the best tool for this job. After sawing is complete, drive the nail halfway into the board. This step saves you the hassle of aligning the nail perfectly while trying to hold the board in place.
  7. Then test the board. Hold the board to make sure it sits neatly. Although the tight fit of the boards seems ideal, it leaves little room for sealing the gap. After assessing the board’s tightness, make adjustments with the saw if needed. Drive nails into the new fascia. If the board fits well, drive two nails—one high, the other low—every few feet to secure the board to the substructure.

Painting the fascia. How to replace the fascia board behind the gutter?

If you are not using a suitable frieze board or metal paneling, it’s time to coordinate it with the rest of your home. This means applying at least one coat of primer and two coats of paint. Now that the fascia is in place, you can install roof gutters to restore it to its former splendor. Installing gutters is a much more complicated job than repairing a frieze. For example, to drain the water properly, gutters should be inclined to drain pipes.

How much does it cost to replace the fascia board?

You can always hire a roofing company that will calculate the approximate cost and takes care of buying materials, measuring, cutting, nailing, and sealing. You can purchase the materials yourself if you want to reduce the cost. Repairing a roof frame and shingles that might be necessary with fascia replacements usually requires an experienced roofing contractor. The loads from snow and wind on the roof can be quite large. If the installation was carried out without technology compliance, it could end not only with leaks but also with a breakdown of the roof.

Therefore, it is better to entrust the replacement of roofing elements to conscientious and experienced professionals. Minor repairs, such as installing a patch or replacing fasteners, can be done by hand. Ideally, to replace the waterproofing film, you need to remove the roofing, crate, and counter-crate. This is a demanding task for an inexperienced homeowner in terms of skills and safety.

As you can see, a homeowner can do many types of roof repairs himself, especially if roofing services are expensive. But if safety is a property, you can always rely on a roofing company.

Please feel free to contact our roofing experts if you have any questions about fascia board replacement. The cost of replacing the fascia board is calculated individually, depending on various factors. Our roofing specialists are always available to answer your questions about work and estimates.

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