How to Deal with Roof Wind Damage in Spokane, WA

Although Washington is one of the most beautiful states to live in, the weather may cause problems to your roof. If dealing with wind damage to the roofing, Spokane, WA residents may not be sure how to make sure their property is safe.

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Luckily, there are professional roofing companies Spokane residents can trust to deal with these wind damage issues. Whether your issue is big or small, Spokane roofing problems need dealing with quickly and safely.

What Roofing Issues Can Wind Damage Cause?

Most people check their roofs after a strong storm, but damage can also occur over time to roofing or rain gutters in Spokane, WA. It’s essential to be aware of common wind damage problems to prevent them from becoming a more significant issue.

Damaged or Lifted Shingles

One of the most common issues that require roof repair in Spokane is loose shingles. They can occur after a period of extreme weather where the wind pulls shingles out of place, leading to leaks.

The most extreme weather recorded in Washington was a wind storm in 1962 where speeds reached over 150 mph — so it’s no wonder Spokane roofing can be so vulnerable to this problem. After any wind storm, call your local roofing contractor for an inspection.

Loose Patches

Commercial roofing in Spokane, WA can be particularly vulnerable to loose patches that linger unnoticed. The reason is that loose patches can be more apparent if someone lives there permanently, which is unlikely in an office or commercial building.

Loose patches can be hazardous as the next time there’s a wind storm, it may blow off the whole patch, causing significant damage and possible injury. If you’re responsible for a commercial office or store, you must get your roofing regularly checked for loose patches.

Falling Debris

You may think that metal roofing Spokane buildings are exempt from most wind problems — but falling debris can damage all kinds of roofs. It can also knock rain gutters in Spokane, WA out of place, leading to flooding or water damage.

If your roof has had its fair share of falling debris, contact a professional for roof repair in Spokane. Although it can be tempting to fix the problem yourself, this may cause more issues later. 

Consequences of Wind Damage

There are many potential consequences of wind damage to roofing in Spokane, WA residents, including:

  • Leaks: These may damage property, cause mold, and make the building structurally unsound.
  • Injuries: Falling shingles or debris could hurt people in or around the building.
  • Financial Loss: This is mainly the case for commercial roofing in Spokane. If there is damage to large buildings, it often costs lots of money to repair.
  • Roof Replacement: Unfortunately, if you attempt to repair your roof and do it incorrectly, this may need a complete replacement later. Avoid this by hiring roofing companies in Spokane for professional repairs.

Extreme weather is common across America, with hurricanes, firestorms, tornados, and blizzards being just some of the events that can occur. It’s essential to know how to keep your home and roof safe no matter what occurs.

Protect Your Roof

Whether you have tiles, wood, or metal roofing, Spokane residents can get professional help from our friendly team. Ensure that your home is safe at all times by contacting us for an inspection.

Now that you know the most common issues that wind damage can cause, you can protect your building more effectively.

Author: Advance Roofing Team