How much concrete is needed for construction work

The popularity of such a building material as concrete cannot be overestimated. This material has wide application in the construction industry due to the fact that it is very strong, durable, affordable and versatile. It is often used in both commercial and residential construction.

Let’s see why concrete has become so popular:

  • This building material is easy to manufacture, as its components are widely available.
  • If you are looking for a material that will be free of defects and flaws, concrete is perfect for you. Natural stone often has defects and may be unusable.
  • You can make concrete as strong as you want.
  • Concrete is elastic, it can take any shape.
  • Concrete is easy to maintain.
  • Concrete does not burn, so it can be called a fireproof material.
  • Concrete is resistant to heat, wind and water.

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How to calculate the amount of concrete before starting work

The calculation of the amount of concrete is necessary in order to purchase the optimal amount of material sufficient to achieve the goal.

As a rule, clients do not need to independently calculate the required amount of concrete. This is done by the contractor. Concrete is transported in a liquid state and is measured in cubic yards. For the fineness of the required solidity of concrete, it is necessary to multiply the length by the width and height in the final design.

Сoncrete walkwayA professional concrete contractor will make all the necessary calculations and order the right amount of concrete.

Do I need to buy concrete with a margin?

If you do not want unforeseen incidents, then it is highly recommended to order it with margin. The best option is to buy 7-10 percent of concrete which is more than the required volume. This will allow you not only to compensate for possible ground irregularities, its slope, leakage, but also to cover the shrinkage of concrete. Indeed, after hardening, the volume of concrete decreases by 1-2 percent.

How to prepare for concrete work?

Working with concrete, as with any construction work, requires special equipment. Respiratory organs, eyes and skin must be protected. It is forbidden to neglect personal protective equipment.

To ensure complete safety when pouring concrete, the contractor must have protective gloves with an abrasive coating, goggles to protect against flying debris and chemicals, a raincoat, a vest and long-sleeved shirt, and special safety shoes.

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