How does moss damage the roof?

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Even though moss is not a weed in the literal sense, because it does not have a root system, it can cause a lot of trouble. Moss typically grows in the cracks and between the shingles. It lifts and loosens shingles to allow rainwater to leak through the roof. Also, moss can retain water for a long time and creates a damp environment where mold and bacteria start to thrive, causing the decay of the roofing structures. Therefore, cleaning moss off your roof is an essential element of roof maintenance.

Moss grows on all roofs, not only in wet areas

Moss forms on all residential or commercial roofs with no exception. Moss doesn’t need soil, as it absorbs water through its leaves, not the roots. Once moss has established itself in the roof, it spreads quickly to the rest of the surface. You can’t prevent moss from growing on the roof, but you should clean it off and protect your roof as a part of your routine house maintenance.

Moss on the shinglesThe roof covered with moss will sooner or later begin to crumble.

Moss is dangerous for the roof structure

Moss is dangerous for all types of roofs: shingle and metal. Moss traps moisture and leads to the development of corrosion on a metal roof, and also destroys shingles on a tiled roof.

Besides, moss clogs gutters, and when it accumulates in the pipes, it leads to blockages. This, in turn, can lead to rainwater getting to the foundation, mold growth on the facade, drainage system leakages, and breaking of the gutters.

The safest way to clean moss off your roof is to call the professional roofers

Moss is not a great problem unless the homeowner ignores it. Cleaning off the moss takes skills, techniques, and special equipment and products that work well against moss. In addition, improper cleaning of the shingles can lead to roof damage, followed by roof repair or replacement. The best way to remove moss from the roof is to ask for professional help.

How expensive is a professional roof cleaning service?

Professional moss removal will only cost you a small fraction of what it would take to replace your roof altogether.

Contrary to popular belief, roof maintenance is not an expensive undertaking.

Invest in regular roof cleaning as you will save money and extend your roof life in the long run.

Professional roof cleaningClean your roof of moss regularly to extend its lifespan

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