Emergency Roof Repair: Do-It-Yourself or call for help?

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You must act fast when a weather disaster hits and your house roof needs urgent attention. Unfortunately, emergency repair is never easy and often involves significant expenses. Some leaks are easier to spot, but most may result in costly damage to your belongings and house itself.

So, when do you need to act fast on your roof emergency? Can you do it yourself, or should you entrust the job to the contractors?

This article will help you to understand the most common causes of emergency roof damage and guide you through some steps on how to fix it.

Repair work requires special toolsEmergency roof repair should be entrusted to a roofing professional

What equipment is needed for emergency roof repair?

Professional roof contractors use special equipment that includes falling protection, a tarp, a number of tools, and professional clothing and footwear for roofers.

Also, on top of spending money to buy tools and materials, you must have sufficient skills to use the tools safely.

Security measures

Roofing involves many risks. Emergency roofing jobs require a high level of physical fitness and a good level of DIY skills to minimize any risk of injury. In addition, tools dropped onto the roof can damage the shingles, leading to additional damage. All roofing contractors have professional training to master safety skills for the job.

Roofers must be trained, competent, and instructed in the use of safety precautionsEmergency roofing contractors should work closely with the client and agree on arrangements for safety measures

Waste of effort

DIY emergency roof repairs are costly and risky in terms of potential injuries and further damage to the roof. Using a professional roofing company that always follows a safe work system would give you peace of mind.

No guarantee of success

The best materials and professional emergency repair tools do not guarantee results. If your job is unsuccessful, you will need to spend extra money to pay roofing contractors. Why pay more if the result is not guaranteed?

Why Advance Roofing Contractors are your best choice?

Our experienced roofers are available around the clock for emergency repairs. They will have safe access to the roof, especially where emergency work is underway, and will quickly assess the damage to develop a plan to fix it.

What does an emergency roof repair involve?

  • When you discover a leak or locate a roof damaged, call us and leave a request for emergency roof repair;
  • Our roof contractors will conduct an emergency survey. They will evaluate the damage and draw up an estimate and an action plan;
  • Next, we will carry out an emergency tarpaulin to stop the leak;
  • After the emergency, we can plan the repair work or roof replacement when necessary.

Why do we have an exceptional reputation?

  • We work on the principle of honesty and transparency of services
  • We always discuss the cost of the repair in advance
  • We provide free roof inspections and give a free quote to all our clients
  • We respond to emergency calls 24/7!

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