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Complete roof replacement: our case

Richard Elmers

Richard Elmers

Home improvement expert

A customer came to us with a request for a complete roof replacement. He had to do constant repairs due frequent leaks, and the overall poor condition of the roof.

The client found us by searching on Google. His house is far from Spokane and not all companies provide out-of-town services. We were the only ones who were able to come out to do the estimate. The main problem was the complexity of the project.

The goal was:

1) Eliminate permanent leaks.

2) Ensure longevity of the roof.

3) Install limited maintenance roof system.

Complexity of the project.

The complexity of this particular project was in a major framework that had to take place before a metal roof could be installed.

Changing the shape of the roof is a time consuming process and it comes with an additional cost. Not all roofing companies can undertake such a task, due to multiple reasons such as lack of experience, resources, etc. With changing geometry of the roof, it was necessary to install additional siding and soffits. Also, the roof had 2 different configurations. See the image below.

Roof before

Problems with membrane roof.

Falling down pine cones have enough kinetic energy to penetrate flat roof membrane. Debris traps moisture and it causes rott and premature roof failure.

See picture details. (pine cones, leaves,pine needles, debris.etc.)

Worn out shingles

Worn out shingles.

Old roof

This is a summer house and the customer wanted a minimal maintenance roof system.

How big was this roof compared to other roofs?

This is a summer cabin and after we completed reconstruction, total square footage came up to 1100 square feet.

The time that was spent on the project?

One of the challenges we had was the remote location of the project and the supplier was not able to deliver material with their equipment due to the size of their delivery trucks. Tide turns and steep mountains created a hazardous environment for delivery drivers. We had to be creative and use smaller delivery equipment in order to deliver material on time and complete the roof on time.

Also the project involved substantial re-framing of the flat roof. Advance Roofing has sufficient manpower and crews to take this particular task. We took time for planning and engineering and later roof framing was completed without any complications or delays.

Despite all these challenges we were able to complete this renovation in 10 business days

Was the roof maintained before?

Maintenance is a crucial component in extending the lifespan of the roof. This particular roof was attempted to be maintained with elastomeric coating. An elastomeric roof coating is a liquid-applied coating (typically made from either silicone or acrylic). If you do not have a professional that is used to work with this type of coating, it can be applied incorrectly or even be weakened, uneven distribution which will cause blisters, lead to cracks and premature roof failure. Unprofessional Repairs and temporary fixes were carried out repeatedly without success.Flat roofing has a higher chance of early replacement. Most sloped roofs will last 20 or more years with proper care, but flat roofs generally need to be replaced every 10 years or so. …

Old flat roof over the bedroom
Problems with old shingle roof

Problems with old shingle roof

Ultimate Solution.

Saving the customer from constant useless roof repairs and extensive maintenance, we suggested installing a metal roof. Snap Lock Metal Roof System has many advantages over shingles such as longevity, less maintenance, more reliability.

Progress of work

Frame installation.

Frame installation
Frame installation

Waterproofing roof deck.

Snap Lock Metal Roof Installation
Snap Lock Metal Roof Installation

Snap Lock Metal Roof Installation.

We recommended installing fascia, which was not originally on the house. When water drains from the roof, it gets to the ends of the rafters and they start to rot. Facia is a crucial component in protection of rafters.

New roof is completed
New roof is completed

New roof is completed.


Customer experience with Advance Roofing.

«We have nothing but praise for Advance Roofing! They re-roofed our family lake cabin with metal roofing, including building a slope over a flat portion of the roof which had been a concern for years. They designed and integrated that portion of the roof into the main structure beautifully! Everyone that we interacted with at Advance Roofing was extremely professional and responsive. We were very happy with the quality of their work, and their timeliness and efficiency. As we were unable to be onsite for the job, Alex and Artem provided us with multiple pictures and aerial shots from start to finish to keep us updated us on their progress and completed work. Finally, their clean-up of the job site was very meticulous and much appreciated. We couldn’t have been happier with the outcome! Thank you Advance Roofing! We will gladly recommend you to others».

Author: Advance Roofing Team

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