Commercial metal roofing in Spokane

Metal roofing is the most common choice for a small commercial roof. As specialist metal roofing contractors, Advance Roofing strives to provide comprehensive and professional roofing services for metal roofing installation and replacement.

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Today, metal makes the most durable, long-lasting roofing material. The roofing market offers a great choice of metal roofs for commercial buildings. Our experts will help you choose a roof to match the exterior of your facility in the best possible way.

Our customers have at least fifteen different roof profiles to choose from. The most popular choices for the roof profiles are rolled rib, standing seam, and corrugated steel.

Windows under the roof on the gray wall Metal commercial roofs look stylish

Do metal roofs rust?

With modern advances in paint technologies, finishes, and other technical aspects of roofing systems, metal roofs withstand oxidation and rusting for most of their lifespan.

The paint used for metal roofing contains components that prevent metal corrosion and make your roof highly resistant to extreme weather conditions.

When appropriately installed, metal roofs outlast and outperform other traditional roofing systems and require minimal maintenance.

What are the main benefits of commercial metal roofing?

Commercial building owners opt for metal roofing for several reasons:

  • Metal roofs have longer service life;
  • Metal roofs have a high level of protection against hail and high winds;
  • Metal roofs are one of the most fire-resistant roofing options;
  • Metal roofs are stylish and look great on commercial buildings.

Сommercial metal roofing prices

The cost of a commercial metal roof installation depends on many factors. We consider the building’s location, structure, shape, and pitch of the roof, the choice of materials, labor cost, and current weather conditions. Each commercial roof installation estimate is calculated individually.

Please contact our experts for your free estimate and professional advice on the roof’s design and technical aspects.

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Advance Roofing LLC is a leading commercial roofing company in Spokane. We have completed many successful projects and earned the trust of our Spokane clients. We offer roof inspections and calculate the exact cost of each project. To get advice from our experts, please send us a request through our website or call: (509) 201-4190.

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