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Every homeowner knows the struggles of maintaining their property clean. Especially when it comes to the outside looks of the building.
Moss on the roofMoss on the roof may look nice but it can seriously damage the roof.

Let’s look at the reasons for regular roof cleaning, the maintenance plan, as well as the cost of the roof cleaning service.

Why do you need to clean your roof?

  • First, you must clean the roof to prevent clogging of the gutter system. When you leave the roof for a long time, moss and leaves will gradually clog the drains. Leaves, moss, and small branches get into the gutters by rainwater and wind. Why is this a problem? Clogged gutters pose a danger to the foundation and walls of the house since water is not drained from them. This puts the house structures at risk of dampness and mold but also spoils the appearance of the site. Potentially permanent dampness problems will lead to repair. Thus, a clean roof will guarantee that the foundation of the house, the walls, and the area around the house will be dry.

Snow on the roofSnow on the roof needs to be cleaned as it accumulates
  • The second main reason to clean moss off the roof is the ability of this plant to retain moisture. When your roof does not dry out after the rain it will lead to tile cracks and metal roof corrosion. Moss forms on any type of roofing material and it cannot be prevented. Moss spores are continuously brought to a roof by the wind. If left uncleaned, it can lead to some serious long-term issues. So, moss not only makes your roof look quite unsightly, but it may also cause structural damage and block your getters.
  • The roof must be cleaned not only of moss and leaves but also of snow. Why is this necessary if the snow melts anyway? In some cases, large amounts of snow accumulate on the roof and put pressure on the structure of the house, potentially causing damage. In addition, if you do not clean the snow from the roof, sooner or later this snow will suddenly fall. In many cases, this can result in costly property damage or even serious injury.

How often should the roof be cleaned?

In this article, we reviewed how to clean the roof of moss, leaves, and snow. But how often should the roof be cleaned? For the best results, we recommend cleaning the roof at least twice a year: in late autumn and early spring. This way you will keep the roof and the gutters clean and ensure that your roof always looks its best.

Clean the roof yourself or entrust the work to a roofing contractor.

The answer to this question depends on several factors. To complete a safe and decent roof clean you will need:
  • Special tools, products, and equipment;
  • Skills in roofing work and safety measures;
  • Insurance;
  • Time, which may be hard to find if you have a job of your own.
So, in addition to expensive roof cleaning tools and equipment, there are safety precautions to keep in mind to prevent injury and possible damage to the roof tiles. Do-it-yourself roof repair is a risky business with a high probability of falls. In addition, pressure washing and the use of cleaning products on a traditional tiled roof can cause irreparable damage, especially if done by an untrained person. So safety rule number one is to hire a professional roofer!
Roof cleaning is a mustIf you want the roof to serve you for many years, keep the moss off your roof

How much does it cost to clean a roof?

It is difficult to name the exact cost of roof cleaning until its size and complexity are known. The roofing contractor will calculate the cost of cleaning individually and give you an estimate.

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