5 Tips for Preventing a Leaky Roof

A common (and costly) issue for home and business owners is roof repair. Spokane residents are especially familiar with unwanted leaks, thanks to the extensive precipitation in the Pacific Northwest.

Fortunately, you can prevent those pesky leaks, and we’ll tell you how. Keep reading to learn five tips for preventing your Spokane roofing from leaking — even when the rain won’t stop. 

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1. Choose a Contractor You Can Trust for Installation

If you’re building a new home or replacing your old roof, you need a seasoned contractor for installation. 

When choosing between roofing companies, Spokane residents know the cheapest quote isn’t always the best. To prevent leaks and other damages, you need to invest in reliable roofing. 

Spokane, WA homeowners can trust our contractors to give them a roof built to last, saving you time and money in the long run. 

2. Consider a Drip Edge or Metal Roofing

Spokane property-owners can benefit from the sleek aesthetics of metal roofing or drip edges. But they don’t just look good — they can help prevent water damage. 

Drip edges help move water off the roof, keeping water away from the fascia. 

Alternatively, metal roofing in Spokane lets you handle mother nature exceptionally well. Metal has proven to be much more durable than standard asphalt shingles.

3. Get Your Roofing Checked Regularly

Neglecting your roof is easy — until that next storm rips off your shingles and it starts raining indoors.

For both homes and commercial roofing, Spokane, WA property owners should get their roofs checked regularly. This approach is passive yet proactive! 

It’s essential to call in an inspection after inclement weather, be it wind, rain, or snow. 

Calling a Spokane, WA roofing professional to glance at your roof will leave you at ease about the condition of your roof and whether you require roof repair. Spokane roofing professionals are always ready to help.

4. Keep an Eye on Rain Gutters 

Homeowners may not realize how vital a solid gutter system is to prevent leaks. 

Your rain gutters in Spokane need to remain debris-free and tightly fastened to drain properly. 

Maintaining your gutters may seem like a DIY job, but working on your roof can be dangerous or fatal, even for an expert. Save yourself the risk and have one of our Spokane roofing professionals ensure your gutters remain in tip-top shape.  

5. Schedule (And Stick To) Your Annual Inspections

Even if it’s been a remarkably mild year, weather-wise, you’ll still want to schedule one or two annual inspections. 

Even small things over time can cause damage to your roofing in Spokane, WA. Roof experts can spot those trouble areas before you can notice anything at all. 

These inspections will help identify clogged gutters, lifted shingles, or even minor, threatening cracks. 

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Preventing roof leaks is an oft-forgotten chore, but it shouldn’t be. It’s one thing to need roof repairs, but don’t forget how leaks can cause water damage in other parts of your home. 

Don’t wait for the little worries to become significant setbacks. Instead, be proactive and take preventative measures to keep your home dry. 

Need an annual inspection? Want a quote on metal roofing? Think your gutters in Spokane, WA need an upgrade? Call our Spokane roofing professionals today to discuss your project. 

Author: Advance Roofing Team

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