5 Things to Know When You Notice a Roof Leak

Most types of Spokane roofing are quality structures designed to last many years, but you will still need to do some maintenance now and then. A maintenance routine helps to keep your home or office building roof in good order. It also helps to lengthen the lifespan of your roof.

There are several tell-tale signs that your roof needs some attention. If you’ve noticed a leak and know if it’s time for some roof repair in Spokane, you need to watch out for a few issues as detailed below. 

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1. Interior Water Staining

Whether it’s your home or commercial roofing in Spokane, water stains mean trouble. If you start to see water stains on your ceilings or walls, it is a clear indication that your roof has a leak.  

Stains typically appear in the form of brown, watery rings and marks on the ceiling or damp corners. You may also notice mold.  

Water stains can indicate your gutters in Spokane, WA need clearing. Clogged gutters lead to the pooling of water somewhere on the roof. Even if the roof stops leaking, or the leak is not severe, it is best to get it sorted out before the problem gets worse and more expensive to fix.  

2. Exterior Water Stains

Water spots, marks, or drip stains on the exterior walls of a building indicate a problem with your flashing or rain gutters in Spokane. The appearance of mold or moss on exterior walls also indicates more moisture getting to them than desirable. Also, look out for evidence of erosion in your walls just below the gutters. 

It is best to check your roofing in Spokane, WA often for leaks and stains. Look for these where the roof meets the wall. 

3. Warping of Roof Shingles

If you notice the warping or curling of your shingles or even your sheet metal roofing in Spokane, there is likely a significant leakage issue. It could indicate that your gutters in Spokane need replacing. 

Also keep an eye out for debris caught in your downspouts, as this may indicate problems with your roofing materials. Again, it’s best to contact roofing companies in Spokane immediately to assess the problem. They can then do the appropriate roof repair in Spokane.  

4. Roof Granules Missing

Missing roof shingle granules is a common Spokane roofing issue, especially in older roofs. The issue typically results from tree damage caused by high winds. 

Shingles without granules are much less effective when it comes to protecting your home from elements. In addition, exposed shingles are much more likely to lead to leaks in your home and commercial roofing in Spokane, WA.  

5. Rotting Roofing Materials  

If you notice any rotting of your roofing in Spokane, WA, you could have some serious damage. Rot occurs when water from leaks gets absorbed into roof matting. This happens a lot with shingles made out of natural materials such as wood.  

If you see roof rot, call a roof repair Spokane professional immediately. It is best to check the roofing periodically for signs of rot, so you can deal with the matter before too much damage occurs.  


As you can see, it is essential to keep your roofing in good order to prevent leaks and subsequent damage to your home or business building. If you notice any of these problems, it’s best to call expert roofing companies in Spokane to help you get the job done properly. 

Author: Advance Roofing Team

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