Spokane Roof Repair

A damaged or old roof doesn’t do the job it should — protect you and your family from weather and debris while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

While you might think a small issue is nothing to worry about, a repair that goes unfixed can lead to much bigger problems. It puts your entire roofing system at risk and leaves your home vulnerable to leaks and damage.

The good news? Most of the time, a little damage doesn’t mean you need to install a new roof. The right Spokane roofing experts can repair the problem through various services, leaving you with a fully functioning roof after all.

Are you a resident of the Spokane area who thinks you may need to install a new roof or repairs? Look no further than Advance Roofing LLC. We’re your local Spokane roof repair company with years of experience serving Spokane locals with their roofing needs.

We understand the weather and threats that a Spokane, WA roof faces, and it’s our goal to leave you with a reliable roof when our contractors are through. Our reviews show just how happy our customers are. Call our team today for a free estimate or to learn more about our various repair services.

About Our Spokane Roofing Company

Damage to both residential and commercial roofs in the Spokane Valley and surrounding areas in Washington can feel like a major disaster. While you might not know what to do when facing a roofing emergency, our roofing experts do, and our local team of professional roofers is here to help.

When you work with a professional service provider like Advance Roofing LLC, we’ll work to meet your roofing needs as efficiently as possible. We’ll deal with the issue at hand and restoring the quality of your roof to brand-new condition.

We know that Spokane roofs can easily become damaged by heavy Washington rains or many other reasons, and we know how to respond to each case specifically. We offer services to repair a roof, replace it when necessary, and will even work with your insurance company to keep your out-of-pocket cost low.

Whether your Spokane roofing issue is at your home or your business, we can help. We’ve been serving customers both residential and commercial for years, and no job is ever too big or too small for Advance Roofing LLC. We even offer emergency repair services 24 hours a day because we know that roofs don’t only have issues during business hours.

If you want to get back to your fully functioning roofs as soon as possible, contact our contractors by calling us for a free estimate.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair

We use various roofing materials, with one of the most popular being asphalt shingles, especially for residential roofs. In fact, it’s the most common roofing type in the U.S., including Spokane.

An asphalt shingle roof is durable, but if you notice a shingle or two damaged or loose, it’s imperative to contact professional roofing contractors as soon as possible for repairs.

No shingle project is too big or too small for our Spokane roofing contractors. We’ll identify the damaged areas, remove the shingles that are no longer adding quality to your roof, and begin the installation of new shingles to bring your roof back to its proper level of protection with top-quality brands.

Residential Wind Damage Repair

Wind, especially in Spokane and throughout the Spokane Valley, can be incredibly volatile, leading to damage on residential and commercial roofs. Not only can wind lift the shingles on roofs, but it can also send hazards like branches and other unsecured objects flying, leaving your roof at risk for much more intense damage.

If you’ve suffered wind damage to your roof, we can help replace and install new shingles to get your roof back in working condition. Our Spokane roofing contractors can also perform regular maintenance checks to ensure you’re not at higher risk for wind damage due to loose shingles or nails.

Metal Roof Repair

If you have a metal, you’re less likely to face repairs during the lifetime of your roof, but to ensure it can last as long as it should, you must get any necessary repairs handled quickly and correctly.

There are many reasons why damage to a metal roof may occur, but they are pretty straightforward repairs that our team can manage efficiently.

Hail Roof Repair

Hail can do a lot of damage to even the strongest, newest Spokane roofs. To prevent hail damage, you need to keep your roofs in good condition. If hail damage does occur, it needs to be dealt with properly to avoid further deterioration.

Our emergency service is here to help whenever disaster strikes in Washington. We can even help you work with your insurance to cover the cost of these repairs or if a new roof installation is needed, a new roof. As your Spokane roofing company, we’re here to help.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

When a commercial flat roof needs repair, only an experienced roofing company can handle it correctly. We use high-quality commercial materials and take all necessary measures to solve the problem once and for all.

Roof Leak Repair

Do you have a roofing leak? Don’t panic. Our Spokane roofing company can come out to your home and get the issue solved right away.

With our contractor experience, we’ll ensure the leak doesn’t come back by solving the root of the problem and not just addressing the symptoms. We’ll also check your gutters to ensure pooled water has a proper exit from your roof.


To avoid damage to your roofing system, regular maintenance is key. We can come out and clean your gutters, remove debris from the roof, check shingles for lift or damage, and assure you that trusted Spokane roofing company have checked every possible hazard.

Spokane WA Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

We are a family-owned and operated business serving the greater Spokane area. We started this business many years ago, and we’re proud of the professional, local team of elite roofing contractors we’ve built today. We offer the highest quality roofing service you’ll find in the area, and a quick look at our Spokane reviews will prove it.

We work with all roofing materials and types such as flat, metal, asphalt shingles, and more, and we can even work with your Spokane insurance company to get the most coverage and the least out-of-pocket for you.

Plus, you can always count on fast, friendly responses and free estimates for our work.

How to Know If You Need Roof Repair

Wondering if it’s time for you to hire a roofing contractor to repair your roofs? Call our contractors to request service, and we’ll come out and take a look at your property. We’ll let you know if you need a new roof installation or if repairs will be enough to restore your Spokane roofing system to its proper condition.

If a new roof is needed, we’ll work closely with your insurance company to keep the price down for you. You can take our word for it, or just read our reviews to see what past customers have to say about us.

The Roof Repair Process

The roof repair process looks a bit different for everyone, but here's what it may entail:


You call our construction team and request a visit. We'll send a contractor or team over to assess the damage and share the necessary next steps with the customer.


We'll offer you a price for the repair job based on the material needed, any installation work, and the level of damage your roofing faces.


If that sounds good to you, our Spokane roofing company will get to work as soon as we can to fix the leak, replace the shingles, or solve whatever problem you're dealing with.


We'll set up regular maintenance appointments with our Spokane roofing company to ensure the work stays doing its job.


If you love the service our Spokane roofing company provided, you can leave us a review! Reviews help boost our online reputation and help other homeowners feel confident about the construction contractor they hire. While a review is not necessary, reviews are always welcomed and appreciated. A positive review is incredibly valuable to a roofing company like ours.


Spokane Roof Repair That Lasts

If you need roofing services from a roofing company in Spokane, WA, reach out to our roofing contractor team. All of our services come with a one-year workmanship guarantee, so you can trust that we provide a job well done.

Give us a call if you need a roofing contractor you can trust to handle your roof repair needs and receive a free estimate!

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