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Weather Influence on Roofs in Newman Lake

At Advance Roofing LLC, we understand the climate extremes and seasonal weather patterns  in the Newman Lake area:

  • Summers here bring high temperatures, intense sunlight, and little rainfall, that cause roof materials to expand and contract.
  • Winters often have heavy snow, ice dams, freezing temperatures, and rapid melt/thaw cycles.
  • Powerful windstorms and heavy rain or hail storms also frequently impact roofs in this region.
A close-up view of a snow-covered house roof with dark shingles and a prominent chimney, against a backdrop of a snowy hillside, illustrating a roof in a cold winter climate
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These weather extremes accelerate aging and cause substantial stress on Newman Lake roofs over time:

  • Temperature fluctuations can warp shingles and loosen flashings.
  • Ice dams lead to water backing up under shingles.
  • Heavy snow loads stress the entire roof structure.
  • Intense UV exposure from sunlight causes premature cracking and curling of shingles.
  • Wind and storm damage results in lost or broken roofing materials.

Full Range of Roofing Services 

We are a full-service roofing company providing all types of roofing solutions to Newman Lake homeowners and businesses. Our services include:

Roof Repair

For minor to moderate roof damage from storms, fallen branches or age-related material failures, we offer prompt repair services. This includes fixing damaged flashings, replacing broken or missing shingles, sealing any leaks, securing loose roofing materials, and completing any necessary structural reinforcements.


When age, damage or failed materials make repairs no longer feasible, we perform complete tear-off and replacement of roofs. This involves removing all existing roof layers, inspecting the roof deck, installing new durable roofing products per manufacturer specifications, and thoroughly cleaning up the site afterwards.


We thoroughly inspect roof condition and provide detailed reports outlining any observed deficiencies, extent of damages, and repair recommendations. To our new clients, we offer complimentary roofing inspections, as well as a variety of maintenance packages with 1-4 times a year checkups to suit your needs.

Urgent Repairs

We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs due to storm damage, fallen trees, fire damage, or other catastrophes and harsh weather conditions. We deploy our crew rapidly to cover any exposed areas, mitigate further damage, and ensure the structure stays watertight. This helps curtail additional harm to the interior.


We offer complete installation services for new roofs on newly constructed homes or as part of replacement projects. This includes deck preparation, ice barrier and drip edge installation, ventilation improvements, durable roofing material installation, and metadata/permit closeouts.


We’ll install a new roofing system over your existing roof, avoiding costly tear-off. We’ll thoroughly inspect the roof structure and make repairs, reinforce and properly prepare the existing surface for the new roofing per code and manufacturer rules. This affordable upgrade will extend your roof’s life without removal.


We provide periodic cleaning using pressure washing and roof cleaning solutions to remove moss buildup and debris. This maintains good drainage and extends the roof’s lifespan. We also offer fall leaf removal and winter snow/ice clearing on area roofs to maintain good drainage and prevent weather-related damage.


To maximize roof lifetimes, we offer seasonal maintenance checks and tune-ups to address minor issues early. Our maintenance includes examinations for any damage/wear, clearing debris, checking flashings, seals and vents, and completing any minor repairs.

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Common Roofing Problems We Address

Home and building owners in the Newman Lake area often contact our professional roofers regarding:

Storm damage 

Windstorms or hail can tear off shingles, damage flashings, causing water intrusion. Rapid repairs post-storm prevent secondary issues.

Roof leaks

We pinpoint leakage sources and remedy them through skilled patching, sealants, or component repairs.

Ice dams

We remove heavy winter ice buildup, install seamless ice protection barriers to impede re-freezing. Prevents interior leakage.

Excess debris and moss

Overgrown moss holds moisture on roofs for extended periods, blocking critical drainage channels. We clear roofs from moss.

Age-related failures 

Years of expansion/contraction lead to warped, brittle or rusted roof components that compromise watertight integrity. Replacements are always indicated in such cases.

Close-up of an aging roof with rows of weathered terracotta tiles, showing signs of moss growth and natural wear, indicative of the need for roof inspection or maintenance

Insufficient attic ventilation

We add vents, fans to control humidity, condensation and prevent premature aging or moisture-related problems.

Hail or windstorm damage

Intense storms dent, crack, break roofing materials. We promptly complete storm damage repairs.

Catering to All Roofs Types

With dramatic seasonal variation and storms in Newman Lake, roof durability and proper maintenance are critical. We offer professional installations, repairs, and replacements for all common regional roof types:

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

The most prevalent residential roofing locally features asphalt / fiberglass composition shingles. We handle all varieties – 3-tab, architectural, premium impact-resistant, algae-blocking versions – in colors and styles to suit each home.


For distinctive architectural styles, we offer both modern composite and authentic clay or concrete roof tile installation and replacement. Tile color / style options are nearly limitless.

Metal Roofing

Long-lasting metal roofs are also popular in the area. Options include: stone-coated steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized metal, and corrugated metal roofing. Our team properly installs all metal roofing systems and underlayments per manufacturer specifications.

Flat Roofing

On low-slope commercial buildings and residential additions, we install seamless flat roof systems using single-ply TPO or EPDM membranes as well as built-up options like BUR roof assemblies. We create durable, sloped, watertight flat roof systems with long lifespans.

Solutions for Any Building

As an experienced roofing contractor serving Newman Lake for over a decade, Advance Roofing LLC tackles roofing projects on all types of buildings across the area, including:

Residential Roofing: We specialize in roof replacements, repairs and new construction roofing for single-family homes, duplexes and townhomes in the neighborhood.

Commercial Roofing: We service large commercial structures like retail complexes, warehouses, factories, agricultural storage buildings, multi-family properties and office buildings.

A modern residential home with a sloped roofing system, nestled in a snowy landscape with bare trees in the background, showcasing a well-maintained roof suitable for snowy climates.
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Our extensive commercial and residential experience and equipment allow us to properly and safely service roofing systems on buildings both large and small. Contact our roofing team today to discuss your project!


For an approximate idea of pricing, we have provided average rates for some of our common services below. However, each project is unique, so your final quote from us may differ depending on the exact specifications of your job. Factors like a roof’s size and complexity, the urgency, weather delays, choice of materials, and more can influence cost. 

Asphalt shingle roof (installation)


Metal roofing (installation)

$6,500 – $21,000

Repair (minor damage)


Storm or wind damage (moderate)


Leak repair


Skylight repair






Clogged gutters


Note: The prices listed are for roofing services for an area of 1000 sq. ft.

For a detailed and bespoke quote tailored to your property and project, please reach out to us directly. We offer free estimates with no obligation so you know exactly what to expect budget-wise. Additionally, we do provide certain discounts and financing assistance to help make roof repairs and replacements more affordable for area homeowners.

Why Choose Us?

When you select our roofers for your project, you get superb service and peace of mind knowing:

Additional Services

At Advance Roofing LLC, aside from all types of roofing projects, we also provide exterior services for Newman Lake area homes and buildings:

Seamless Gutter Installation & Cleaning

We handle complete gutter system installations using custom-fit, sloped, debris-blocking seamless gutters in aluminum, copper or steel. We also perform gutter repairs, cleaning, covers installation, and filtration upgrades.

Concrete Work

We professionally pour and install concrete driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and parking pads. Our team preps the sites, forms, pours and finishes flatwork to enhance curb appeal. We also repair cracks, pitting.

An image showcasing expert guidance for cold weather concrete placement, depicting a worker skillfully leveling concrete in a low temp setting
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Let us repaint the entire exterior house surface or refresh trims and decorative elements in long-lasting latex or stains. We power wash, scrape, sand, caulk, prime and apply professional-grade finishes.

Siding Installation & Repairs

Whether replacing old siding or beautifying a new build, we install affordable fiber cement boards, cedar planks, vinyl panels, and other low-maintenance sidings with weather barriers to boost aesthetics and protection.

Windows and Glass Doors

We are a authorized installer for replacement windows and exterior glass doors. Our services include:

  • Window installation in new builds and renovation projects
  • Complete window replacement by removing old units and installing modern, energy efficient windows
  • Window repairs – sash, balances, seals, cracked glass and more
  • Adjustments to ensure proper operation and sealing


We handle picturesque bay windows, sliding doors, and specialty shapes for unique homes.

Selecting the Right Windows: Types and Characteristics


For Home Improvement in Newman Lake, WA

At Advance Roofing LLC, we truly appreciate the opportunity to service Newman Lake homeowners for over 10+ years. Our specialized experience handling local climate impacts makes us well-suited to assess area roofing needs and provide reliable solutions. We love improving our neighbors’ homes!

If you are seekeng reliable “roofers near me”, please reach out anytime to discuss how we can help maintain your roof – or assist with other exterior upgrades. We look forward to working together.

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