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Affordable Spokane Valley Roof Replacement

Licensed and Trusted Spokane Valley Roof Replacement Professionals

Welcome to Advance Roofing LLC, a family-owned roof replacement company deeply rooted in Spokane Valley. Our commitment goes beyond just offering fast and quality roof replacement solutions; we are dedicated to contributing positively to our community.

With a readiness to tackle any challenge, our contractors’ specialization lies in the swift and high-quality replacement of roofs across Spokane Valley, WA. We understand the importance of a secure and durable roof over your head, which is why we approach each project with care, precision, and a focus on ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Trust our professional roof relacement contractors to enhance and protect your home with our expert roofing solutions.

A skilled worker in the process of roof replacement, carefully installing black ceramic tiles on a new wooden structure, with a clear blue sky above in Spokane Valley

Comprehensive Roof Replacements Tailored to Your Property

In-Depth Inspection

Our licensed roof replacement contractors thoroughly evaluate the current state of your roof, noting any structural deficiencies, leakage points, and safety hazards needing correction during installation.


Our skilled crews of roof replacement contractors remove all layers of existing roof materials until reaching a sturdy, intact roof deck ready for upgrades. Our covered haul-away trailers prevent debris from touching yards.

Deck & Flashing Repair

Our professional roof replacement contractors address any revealed substructure issues, replacing water-damaged sheathing and reinforcing connections to safely support new materials. Our roofers upgrade flashings and much more.

Material Installation

Whether eco-friendly metal panels, insulating rubber membrane sheets, or dimensional luxury shingles, our roofing contractors properly integrate modern, durable roofing elements designed to last decades.

Multi-Point Inspections

Our roof replacement contractors perform exhaustive checks verifying seamless integration of roofing components, drainage functionality, and professional weather sealing across the entire surface.

Spotless Site Clean-Up

Our company takes care of your Spokane Valley property. You’ll never know we were there once our teams clear away every last nail, scrap material and work related residues from the property.

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Roofing Materials Our Roof Replacement Company Works With

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement in Spokane Valley

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement in Spokane Valley

Whether architectural grade or economical 3-tabs, we replace worn shingle roofs with durable, weatherproof manufactured asphalt fiberglass shingles cut to your home’s exact specifications.

Metal Roof Replacement in Spokane Valley, WA

Metal Roof Replacement in Spokane Valley, WA

As an environmentally-friendly solution, we install new standing seam, stone-coated steel, copper and aluminum metal roofing.

Tile & Slate Spokane Valley Roof Replacement 

Tile & Slate Spokane Valley Roof Replacement 

Clay, concrete or composite roofing tiles with stylistic appeal see full tear-off and replacement maintaining structural integrity.

Cedar Shakes or Shingle Roofing Replacement

Cedar Shakes or Shingle Roofing Replacement

For ranch style homes we replace worn cedar roofing with new fire and insect resistant cedar or synthetic substitutes recreating natural wood aesthetics.

Flat Roof Replacement Spokane Valley, WA

Flat Roof Replacement Spokane Valley, WA

Our contractors apply seamless EPDM rubber, TPO, and PVC membranes creating a sloped, water-shedding surface on flat roof structures. Durable and easily customized to unique dimensions.

Regardless of your home or commercial building’s existing roof type, our adaptable teams of roof replacement contractors have the specialized expertise to replace it using quality materials ideal for regional weather conditions.

At our company, we’ll help you select the best option for your roof replacement, providing you with comprehensive information about the replacement process, cost estimates, and more.

Our expert contractors are dedicated to ensuring you’re fully informed and confident in your roofing decisions. At Advance Roofing LLC we help Spokane Valley owners achieve roofing peace of mind.

Roof Replacement Contractors Near You: Top Solutions for All Buildings

Commercial Roof Replacement in Spokane Valley, Washington

Retail centers, offices, amenities buildings, glazed atrium structures, churches and educational institutions rely on our contractors for leak-proof roof replacements meeting commercial codes.

Industrial Roof Replacement

Warehouses, manufacturing plants, refineries and logistical complexes call on our commercial crews of contractors for full-building roof replacements and demanding overlay projects on aging BUR systems.

Residential roof replacement in Spokane valley, WA

Spokane Valley residents hire our contractors for their single family homes’ roof replacement. Our company also works with multi-family properties, condo communities, and apartments.

Agricultural Roof Replacement

For working barns, equipment sheds, greenhouses and livestock shelters, our Spokane Valley roof replacement contractors provide durable, weatherized metal roof replacements specifically engineered for remote rural sites.

Schedule a Consultation

Our seasoned team of licensed roof replacement contractors make complimentary site visits to collaborate with Spokane Valley area property owners in determining optimal new roofing solutions for their unique buildings. 

After thoroughly evaluating your existing roof’s condition, design, problem areas and budget goals, we customize quotes for cost-effective materials and necessary structural enhancements create a durable new high-functioning roof system precisely suited to boosting protection on your valued building for decades ahead. 

Call 509-201-4190  or fill in the form to book your free roof replacement consultation and comprehensive assessment from our friendly experts!

Spokane Valley, WA Roof Replacement Options

Full Roof Replacement

This entails complete removal and disposal of old roofing layers followed by installation of entirely new, uniform roof structures across the whole building. Ideal when most materials are failing.

Partial Roof Replacements

For buildings with only isolated areas of intense deterioration, we replace individual damaged sections or wings using roof materials matched aesthetically to existing healthier areas. More affordable fix.

Temporary Roofing

If whole roof replacement is delayed awaiting insurance estimates or backordered materials, our contractors apply temporary waterproof membranes, tarps and sealants to protect interiors short term until permanent replacement proceeds.

Permanent Roof Replacements

Comprises full tear-offs and installation of new roofing systems made of 30+ year materials like dimensional asphalt shingles, standing seam metal, and EPDM rubber membranes to serve as your building's reliable defense against the elements permanently.

Why Choose Our Spokane Valley Roof Replacement Company

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  • Fair Pricing – Our company offers very competitive quotes tailored to your specific roofing requirements. Volume discounts available!
  • Swift Project Turnaround – Our crews complete tear-off and replacements rapidly so you resume operations faster.
  • Seasoned Professionals – With years of regional experience, we are roofing specialists understanding area climate impacts.
  • Strong Workmanship Warranties – Our company provides 10 year warranty backing our replacement workmanship for peace of mind.
  • Full Insurance Protection – We carry robust general liability insurance shielding your property while workers complete on-site projects.
  • Sterling Reputation – 95% of our customers rate services as excellent according to independent reviews. We strive to earn your praise.

Our Contractors' Portfolio: Roof Replacements in Spokane Valley & Beyond

Spokane Valley home showcasing a worn-out roof with curled and missing shingles, indicating a need for roof replacement servicesRoof replacement finished in Spokane Valley, with a completed new brown shingle installation over an old roofing layer
View of an aged asphalt shingle roof in Spokane Valley with satellite dishes installed and lush greenery in the background.Freshly replaced asphalt shingle roof in Spokane Valley, with vent pipes and a chimney, highlighting quality roofing craftsmanship
A house with an old roof requiring replacementNewly installed sleek metal roofing on a residential house in Spokane, WA, enhancing the property's durability and aesthetic appeal.
Close-up view of worn asphalt shingle roof in Spokane Valley, showcasing granule loss and color fadingSunset hues cast over a freshly replaced roof in Spokane Valley, highlighting the even shingle pattern and the roof's peak with a clear sky and treeline silhouette.

Questions About Roof Replacement Spokane Valley Residents and Businesses May Have

How often should a roof be replaced?

The frequency of roof replacement depends on several factors, including the roof's age, level of damage, maintenance frequency, and the materials used. Typically, a roof's lifespan ranges from about 20-30 years, but intense weather conditions or damage may necessitate earlier replacement.

Which type of material is the most durable for roof replacement in Spokane Valley, WA climate?

For Spokane Valley climate conditions metal roofs, concrete tiles, and premium asphalt shingles are considered durable options, providing long-lasting protection and resilience against various weather conditions.

What are the advantages of roof replacement over repairs?

Roof replacement offers a fresh start, eliminating potential issues present in an older roof that repairs may not address comprehensively. It ensures better durability, improved energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan for the new roof, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.


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