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Roof Replacement in Mead, WA

Types of Roofing Materials and Their Lifespan

  • Asphalt Shingles: Asphalt shingles are a popular choice due to their affordability and ease of installation. However, they typically require replacement every 15-25 years.
  • Metal Roofs: Durable and long-lasting, metal roofs can endure for decades before needing replacement, often exceeding 50 years.
  • Slate Roofs: Known for their natural beauty and longevity, slate roofs can last over a century. However, when damaged, they might require meticulous repair or replacement.
  • Tile Roofs, Concrete Tiles, and Copper Roofs: These roofing materials offer durability and curb appeal but might need replacement due to severe damage or aging.
  • Flat Roofs and Seam Metal Roofs: Flat roofs and seam metal roofs have different advantages but might need replacement sooner if not properly maintained.

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Reliable Roofing Services from Advance Roofing LLC

At Advance Roofing LLC, we pride ourselves on being reputable and dependable roofing contractors. Our comprehensive services cover roof repair, installation, and inspection, using top-notch roofing products for both residential and commercial properties.

Reliable Roofing Services from Advance Roofing LLC

Assisting with Insurance, Estimates, and Potential Damage

Navigating insurance claims and building codes can be daunting. We assist our clients by providing accurate cost estimates, considering factors like square footage and potential damage, ensuring a smooth process.

Customer Service Excellence 

Our commitment to exceptional customer service is evident in our client reviews. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that every roofing project is handled by a dedicated project manager, ensuring quality and satisfaction throughout the process.

At Advance Roofing LLC, we offer a spectrum of roofing services in Mead, WA, catering to diverse roofing needs for both residential and commercial properties.

Reliable Roofing Services and Customer Service Excellence 

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Replacement in Mead, WA

What factors influence the average cost of roof replacement?

The average cost of roof replacement varies based on several factors, including the size of the roof, type of roofing material chosen (such as Asphalt shingle roofs or other types), labor costs for roof installation, extent of roof damage, and if it's a commercial building or residential property.

How crucial is a roof inspection before deciding on a replacement?

A comprehensive roof inspection by a reputable roofing company is vital. It helps identify roof damage, assess the need for roofing repair, or determine if a complete roof replacement is necessary. This assessment guides in understanding the condition of the roof and aids in planning for the right solution.

Is it beneficial to involve an insurance company for roof replacement?

Engaging with your insurance company regarding roof damage is advisable. They can evaluate the extent of roof leak or damage and may provide coverage for repair or replacement costs, subject to policy terms. A professional roofing company can assist in navigating insurance claims to ensure a smooth process.

How important is choosing the right type of roof for a commercial building?

Selecting the appropriate type of roof for a commercial building is crucial. Factors such as durability, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance play a significant role. A reliable roofing company specializing in commercial roofing can offer guidance on the best roofing material and installation method suited for specific commercial building requirements.

Disclaimer: At Advance Roofing LLC, we strive to provide accurate estimates and reliable services. However, due to potential damage or building codes, customers are encouraged to seek professional advice for their specific situation. With years of experience in the Spokane, WA and Mead, WA areas, our team is always available to help!


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