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Roof repair in Medical Lake, WA

Over time, your residential or commercial roof in Medical Lake may experience minor to moderate damage that requires professional roof repair services. Advance Roofing LLC has the knowledge, experience, and roofing crews to properly diagnose and complete all necessary roof repairs.

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Common Roof Repairs

Some common roof repairs we perform include:

  • Fixing roof leaks – We find and seal sources of water intrusion into the home. Our roofing professionals inspect flashings, valleys, vents and roof penetrations to locate and repair leaks using appropriate roofing materials and sealants.
  • Improving ventilation – We enhance air flow in the attic to reduce humidity and extend roof life. Our roofing company may install new vents, turbines, ridge vents or other ventilation systems.
  • Replacing damaged shingles – Storms and age can damage asphalt shingle roofs. We replace individual damaged, cracked or blown-off shingles to match your existing roof.
  • Repairing metal roofs – For metal roofs, our roofing contractors fix popped fasteners, dents, and corrosion and apply protective coatings. We handle all types of metal roofing repair.

Common Roof Repairs

Emergency Roof Services

For sudden roof damage from storms, wind, fallen trees and other disasters, Advance Roofing LLC provides prompt emergency roof repair in Medical Lake, WA. We tarp and secure your roof to prevent further damage until full repairs can be made. Your roof and home are protected.

Repair Process

Our systematic roof repair process involves:

  • Comprehensive roof inspection by our roofing professionals
  • Identifying all areas needing repair
  • Implementing repairs using quality roofing products and workmanship
  • Verifying repairs and performing leak checks
  • Clean up and haul away of all debris

We determine if a full roof replacement is needed versus targeted repairs.


Minor repairs like shingle replacement cost $150-300 on average. Moderate repairs like vent replacement run $500 to $1,500. Major damage requiring large-scale repairs may call for partial or entire roof replacement. Every roof is unique. Contact Advance Roofing LLC for an exact repair quote for your roof damage in Medical Lake!

roof Maintenance


Regular roof tune-ups, cleaning and inspections can prevent extensive damage and costly repairs down the road. Our professional roofing company offers maintenance plans tailored to your roofing system and climate conditions.

For all your roof repair and replacement needs, contact the experts at Advance Roofing LLC! Our roofing contractor provides quality roofing services to residential and commercial clients throughout Spokane Valley and surrounding areas including Medical Lake, WA. Call today!

Questions About Roof Repair in Medical Lake, WA

How do I know if I need a full roof replacement versus just repairs?

Our professional roofers inspect for issues like roof age, percentage of damaged shingles, presence of leaks, and structural soundness. We advise if full replacement is better or if targeted repairs will suffice to extend your roof's lifespan. Key factors are roof condition and type of roofing material.

I have storm damage on my commercial flat roof, will my insurance cover it?

Storm damage is often covered by commercial insurance. We work with your insurance company to provide any evidence needed to submit your roof damage claim. If approved, your insurer will likely cover the cost of repairs up to full roof replacement minus your deductible amount.

What are signs I may need roof repairs?

Warning signs include localized leaks, water stains on interior ceilings and walls, visible shingle damage, granule loss exposing the asphalt base, and raised flashing. Don't delay - minor repairs can prevent more extensive damage. Call us to inspect and quote needed repairs.

Disclaimer: The roof repair information provided here is for general reference only, not professional advice. For consultation on your specific roof needs, contact Advance Roofing LLC. We make no warranties regarding the completeness or accuracy of this content. Pricing and costs may vary. Relying on this material is at your own discretion. For tailored guidance, consult directly with Advance Roofing LLC prior to making repair decisions or hiring a roofer. Advance Roofing LLC has proudly served Spokane, WA and Eastern Washington areas for years with quality roofing services and solutions. Contact us to discuss your needs!


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If you’re experiencing roofing issues, don’t hesitate to contact Advance Roofing LLC for expert roof repair solutions! Serving the Medical Lake, WA area for years, our team is dedicated to providing efficient and effective repairs, ensuring your peace of mind and the protection of your property.

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