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Enter total square footage of your 1st floor
? Yes, you will need to use a tape measure. If you know your sq footage for the entire 1 st floor/ level the great but if you don’t then it’s time to figure it out. You will need to get all your memory together and bring that 3rd grade math knowledge back to real use. Get the length and width of your house and multiple it. Best way to get outside measurements as it will give you more accurate numbers at the end.
sq ft
Type of house
? Your house roofing area looks simple and straight forward to you, maybe 2-4 sections with very low pitch/angle to it.
? This house has a fewer sections to it, maybe 2-6 and most likely different levels. few any windows or dormers with pretty steep pitch/angle to it.
? Multiple sections, few chimneys, maybe skylights or other roofing accessories
Number of floors
? This one shout relatively easy as the most houses in our region have 1,2 or 3 floors. If it’s 2 floors in the front but 3 in the back then put greater number as that’s what will be taken for base calculations.
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Roof pitch
? 12-points grade system of roof pitch
? You could jump on that roof and do it yourself but something is telling you that the professional roofers may be a better suited for this project.
? Your cousin can easily replace it next weekend for you, with few a friends of his but next weekend is busy and they have plans already. You may be brave enough to go up and clean the gutters or even put up some Christmas decorations but for the replacement it’s time for the true roofers to handle it. You do know that and won’t even think to bother your cousin with this project.
? Pitch/angle is steep and scary. It’s definitely the job for a roofing crew and no handyman will be able to touch it. Make sure your roofing crew is properly insured before you let them do the job. Cousin with his friends are still busy and can’t help you with this one either.
Number of skylights
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Number of chimneys
- + big chimneys
- + small chimneys
I have a driveway
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