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Metal Roof Repair

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Metal roofing is a popular finishing material not only for commercial buildings but also for residential properties. This material became popular due to its durability and being environmentally friendly and easy to use. When you choose reliable roof contractors to install your metal roof, you can be sure that the roof will last many decades. However, even a good metal roof needs occasional repairs. In this article, we discuss metal roof repairs and relevant costs in Spokane, and how quickly a metal roof can be replaced.

Metal roofAll colors are available for your metal roof

Advantages of metal roofing

Advance Roofing has long been a roofing industry leader in Spokane. We have extensive experience not only in classic shingle roofs but also metal roofs.

Our customers choose metal roofs because they are solid, weather resistant, and highly dependable if adequately maintained.

The smooth surface of the metal roof prevents it from accumulating dirt, moisture, mold and moss growth, which are the most common reasons for roof wear and tear that leads to repairs.

When do metal roofs fail?

Despite the high strength, all metal roofs need repair from time to time. If you find a leak in your metal roof, don’t delay repairs, as the problem will worsen when water enters your home. Leaks can cause further damage to the structure of the house and the roof itself, and the interior and valuables inside the property.

Metal roof repair may be needed after a severe mechanical damage such as a dent or hole due to a tree fall or a severe storm.

In addition, a metal roof needs repair when it’s old. An old metal roof has to be inspected to see the condition of roofing structures and hidden problems that might not be visible.

What’s the average cost of a metal roof?

In general, all roofing work has got to be priced individually. Roofing experts need to assess the damage to provide a quote for each roofing job. Your roofing contractor will take you through the estimate and discuss the repairs with you first.

In the long run, regular roof maintenance and repairs are always more cost-effective than getting a brand new roof.

How to choose a roofing company for metal roof repairs?

Quality workmanship and a commitment to customer service make Advance Roofing the premier roofing contractor in the Spokane area. We offer a full range of roofing services from installation to roof maintenance and a full range of repairs for shingles and metal roofs.

Our experienced roofing inspectors perform free inspections and complete a roofing report for each property. We discuss the necessary work with the property owner and set the final price with no hidden costs.

We always do our best to plan and complete each roofing job as quickly as possible!

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